What Your Breath Is Telling You About Your Dental Health

It is normal to experience bad breath occasionally, especially after eating foods such as  garlic or onions.  This can be easily corrected by eating a breath mint, chewing gum, or even better, by flossing and brushing your teeth after eating these types of foods.  Sometimes it is just a matter of rinsing your mouth out with water or gargling with mouthwash.  However, if you have chronic bad breath, you may want to ask yourself what your breath is telling you about your dental health.  Chronic bad breath can be a sign that you have more serious issues going on in your mouth.

In many cases, bad breath is caused by bacteria.  One good way to keep bacteria from building up in your mouth and causing bad breath is to practice good daily oral hygiene.  This includes brushing at least twice per day and flossing at least one time per day.  Another way is to visit the dentist regularly (at least every six months) for a professional cleaning.  A dental hygienist is equipped with special tools and methods for removing plaque and tartar that cannot be achieved at home using a toothbrush and floss.

If your mouth is not producing enough saliva, this can cause dry mouth which makes it easier for bacteria to build up in your mouth.  Dry mouth is a common side effect of many medications on the market including antihistamines and other medications used to treat colds and allergies.  You may want to check the package insert of any medications you are taking to see if dry mouth is a possible side effect.  You can then talk to your dentist about how you can best combat this side effect or speak to your doctor about a different type of medication that may be used to treat your symptoms.

Sometimes, chronic bad breath is a result of periodontal disease.  Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums and supporting tissues around the teeth.  If your bad breath is being caused by periodontal disease, it is very important to seek treatment immediately.  Worse than bad breath, untreated periodontal disease can damage the teeth and gums and lead to tooth loss as well as loss of the supporting bones and tissues in the mouth.  During your regularly scheduled exams, your dentist will check for signs of periodontal disease.  That is one reason that it is so important to get a thorough dental examination at least once every six months.  If you have not received a thorough dental exam in more than six months, you could be putting your dental health at risk.  Schedule an appointment with your dentist today.

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Whiter Teeth For The Holiday Season

So your office holiday party is coming up in a few weeks.  This is the perfect time to impress your new boss and to celebrate another great year with your coworkers.  You have secured a presentable date, bought a fabulous new dress and shoes, scheduled a manicure and have been eating right and exercising daily.  You have covered all the bases…right?  But what about your smile?  Is it dazzling or dingy?  If you have stained or discolored teeth, even with the right outfit and perfect hair, nails and makeup, you are not going to look and feel your best.  White teeth and a beautiful smile are an essential part of every holiday outfit.

Over time, our teeth can become yellowed and stained from age, everyday wear and tear, smoking and certain foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, soda and red wine.  The truth is, teeth that are stained, yellowed or otherwise discolored can significantly detract from and add years to your appearance. So, what is the best way to get whiter teeth?  If you have visited a grocery store or drugstore lately, you have probably noticed the abundance of tooth whitening products available on the market. While some over-the-counter products can be used to whiten your teeth, not all of the products out there are effective and some are even bad for your oral health.  That is why The American Dental Association recommends that you whiten or bleach your teeth only under the supervision of a certified dentist.  A qualified dentist can help you determine which method of whitening your teeth will best work for your particular situation and will best suit your lifestyle.  He or she can also monitor your oral health while you are whitening your teeth to make sure that they are not being damaged in the process.

At Pure Dental Health, we understand that our patients desire whiter teeth.  That is why we offer our patients a Whitening For Life program.  With your initial exam and x-rays and cleaning, we will give you a free whitening tray. You will also receive free whitening gel to go along with your regular cleanings. Our HD products are balanced to provide effective whitening strength without causing too much sensitivity. To get more information about the Whitening for Life Program and to schedule your appointment, please call Pure Dental Health today.  Happy Holidays!

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Clear Braces: Are They Right For Me?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile and are wondering if clear braces are right for you, read on.  Clear Braces are an advanced orthodontic procedure that offers adults and teens a way to achieve straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile without having to put up with a mouth full of metal.  Sound good?  Then the next step is to schedule an appointment with a dentist who offers clear braces to find out if you are a candidate. Pure Dental Health offers Invisalign® invisible braces and Dr. Justin Scott is a certified Invisalign® dentist. In just one painless appointment, you can find out if this revolutionary system is right for you.

The Invisalign® system has many advantages over traditional metal braces.  It utilizes a series of custom-made, smooth, comfortable and clear aligners that are placed over the teeth to gently move them into the desired position.  With this advanced system, there are no uncomfortable and unattractive metal wires or brackets.  In fact, there are no wires and brackets at all.  And, the aligners can be removed for easy cleaning and to brush and floss your teeth. This leads to improved dental hygiene.  Unlike traditional braces, you do not have to restrict your diet to eliminate certain foods.  With the Invisalign® system, you can eat whatever you want.  Best of all, most people will not even realize that you are wearing braces!

If you did not get the opportunity to straighten your teeth as a child, there is still time to get that smile you have always wanted without having to sacrifice your comfort and your appearance in the process.  If your are a teen or an adult with crooked, spaced or gapped teeth and are not in need of major bite changes, chances are good that you are a candidate for Invisalign® invisible braces.  Make that call today so you can get on the road to a straighter, more beautiful smile!

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Health News Article- Midnight Snacking and Tooth Loss

Article Title: Midnight Snacking, Eating After Dinner Linked to Tooth Loss

Article Source:  http://www.colgate.com/app/CP/US/EN/OC/Information/Articles/ADA/2010/article/ADA-06-Consumer-News-Night-Eating-Tooth-Loss-Link.cvsp

Article Review:

Through this health news article, researchers investigated the link between midnight snacking and tooth loss.  Researchers found that individuals who tend to snack more after dinner face more weight gain along with an increase in tooth decay and loss.

Researchers predict that because we do not have as much saliva at night, we cannot remove food debris as easily after late night snacking.  This in-turn leads to a greater chance for cavities to begin to form at night.

Pure Dental Health follows this research because we know the importance of maintaining oral health. The more research that we have about dental health, the more that we can maintain your dental health. We find ways to keep your teeth at their healthiest so that you can always have a beautiful and bright smile to show to the world.

If you are a late night snacker, then we can discuss some of your options when you come into our Pure Dental Health office.  We want to ensure that your teeth are protected, especially in the late night hours.

However, if tooth loss does occur, Pure Dental Health also offers a wide array of procedures to restore your smile’s beauty and functionality.  To learn more about ways to avoid tooth loss, do not hesitate to contact Pure Dental Health.  Also read the health news article listed above!

Common Habits That Negatively Affect Your Dental Health

Tooth loss is still a very big problem for many Americans.  You may be surprised to hear that twenty -five percent of Americans over the age of sixty-five have lost all of their teeth.  That is not good news, especially since Americans are living longer and longer these days.  Practicing good oral hygiene such as daily flossing and brushing and visiting your dentist at least every six-months for a professional cleaning and check-up can go a long way in protecting the long-term health of your teeth.  However, there are some common habits that you may have that are negatively affecting your dental health.

First and foremost, it is true what they say, sugar is bad for your teeth.  Especially if it sits on the surface of teeth for long periods of time.  Eating candies such as gummies and jellies that adhere to your teeth and bath your teeth with sugar can eat away at the tooth’s enamel and cause damage to the teeth.  If possible, stay away from these candies altogether.  If you do eat these types of foods, it is a good idea to brush your teeth afterwards so that the sugar does not sit on the surface of your teeth.

It is also important to pay attention to what you drink.  Soda, whether it is sugar-free or not is highly acidic and can also eat away at the enamel on your teeth.  Fruit juices with sugar added are just as bad.  Alcohol such as wine is also acidic and can damage the enamel of your teeth.  If you drink these types of beverages, it is a good idea to rinse your mouth with water afterwards.

Smoking and chewing tobacco can wreak havoc on your dental health.  It can yellow the teeth’s enamel and increases your risk for periodontal disease and oral cancer.  Enough said!

If you play contact sports, you need to make sure that you wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth.  You can pick one up at a sporting goods store or have your dentist make a custom one to fit your mouth.  Clenching and grinding your teeth can also cause significant damage to your dental health.  If you grind your teeth at night, you may not even be aware of the fact that you are doing it.  If this is this case, schedule an appointment with your dentist so he or she can fit you with a nighttime mouthguard.

If you have experienced tooth loss, do not lose hope.  It is never too late to start practicing good habits to protect the long-term health of the rest of your teeth.

Fortunately, today there are many good options for patients with missing teeth.  Pure Dental Health offers a variety of tooth replacement options including Dentca Dentures, dental implants, bridges, and partial dentures.  Dr. Justin Scott can help you determine which solution best fits your needs as well as your lifestyle.

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Comfort at the Dentist’s Office

A More Comfortable Dental Experience

You know that you need to book a dentist appointment, but do not want to pick up the phone and call the dentist’s office.  You never look forward to the visits.  The offices are loud, you can smell mouthwash and fluoride, and you wish that you could just wish away every six-month appointment.

That was until you discovered Pure Dental Health.  Pure Dental Health is known for amenities to make your entire experience more enjoyable.  You can enjoy the dentist and actually want to come into the office for you 6-month visit.  Through this blog, you will learn how the Pure Dental Health team can make you like the dentist.  Keep reading to find out more!

Our Pure Dental Health Amenities

At Pure Dental Health, we offer a wide array of amenities to keep our patients satisfied.  We want patients to feel comfortable when they sit down in the dentist’s chair—not rushing to leave.  That is why we provide everything that you need to make your trip to the dentist more relaxing.

Some of the services and items that we provide include:

  • Wi-Fi Bar- we all like to stay connected, so why does that have to stop when you come into our office?  Access our computers or pull up Wi-Fi on your cellular device.
  • HD TV’s- catch up on your favorite television shows while you sit back and have your teeth cleaned.  You can enjoy your favorite sitcom and forget that you are in the dentist’s office. 
  • Noise Cancelation Headphones– some dental equipment can be loud, but that doesn’t mean that you have to hear it.  We provide you with the option to block out noise, listen to music, or watch television with our headphones.
  • Blankets– it can get cold in an office, so why not bundle up?  We provide blankets for your comfort so that you can feel at ease and warm throughout your entire visit.

All of our amenities are geared towards making you feel welcome and comfortable.  You can relax, soak in the environment, and experience exceptional dental care. You should be able to enjoy going to the dentist’s office—let us show you how that can be possible.

More Information about Pure Dental Health

If you are looking for a dental team that truly cares about your wellbeing and dental health, then look no further than Pure Dental Health. We are here to offer you a multitude of treatments, services, and amenities for your comfort and convenience.

To find out more information about our procedures and to learn more about what makes the Pure Dental Health experience unique, call our office to schedule a consultation.  You will be smiling once you do!


Stress and TMJ

With the high unemployment rate, high foreclosure rate and an uncertain economy, many of us are feeling very stressed these days.  Stress, if not dealt with properly, can have a negative affect on your overall health, including your dental health.  In some cases, stress can cause a person to clench or grind their teeth.  This can cause damage to your teeth and gums and lead to migraine headaches, TMJ and other jaw disorders.  In fact, many dentists are reporting a higher than usual number of patients who are coming into their offices seeking treatment for migraine headaches and TMJ.  So what can be done about it?

If you are experiencing the symptoms of TMJ such as headache, dizziness, a popping sound in your jaw and ringing in the ears, you may want to schedule an appointment with your dentist so he or she can check for signs that you are clenching or grinding your teeth.  Many times, this happens at night and you may or may not be aware of it.  You dentist can also examine your teeth to see if your clenching and/or grinding has caused any damage to your teeth, gums or jaw.  If it is determined that clenching or grinding your teeth is causing your pain and other symptoms, you may need to be fitted for a custom mouthguard.

Pure Dental Health offers the FDA approved NTI Night Guard system.  The NTI night guard is much smaller than other night guards.  It’s smaller size and more comfortable fit makes patients more likely to want to wear it.  If your stress is negatively affecting your dental health, call Pure Dental Health and schedule an appointment with Dr. Justin Scott today.

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Natural Ways To Get Whiter Teeth

Whitening your teeth can have a dramatic affect on your overall appearance.  Surveys reveal that one of the first things people notice about you is your smile.  Your smile makes a dramatic first impression, and you only have one opportunity to make a good first impression.

So what can you do to get whiter teeth?  You can start by paying attention to what you eat and drink.  Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, celery, carrots and cauliflower provide a natural abrasive that literally scrubs stains away as you chew. They are also packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential to your health.  Eating cheese and other dairy products such as yogurt and cottage cheese can also help you to achieve whiter teeth.  Cheese and other dairy products contain proteins that bind to teeth and help shield them from cavities and stains. On the other hand, sodas, red wine and some fruit juices can leave stains your teeth and cause your smile to look dingy.

If you eat a healthy diet containing lots of crunchy fruits and vegetables and cheese and dairy products and your teeth still appear dingy and yellowed, it is time to get a professional opinion from a qualified cosmetic dentist.  Many cosmetic dental practices offer a variety of options for bleaching or whitening your teeth.  Pure Dental Health takes it one step further by offering a “Whitening for Life” program where patients receive a free whitening tray with their initial exam, x-rays and cleaning.   As long as patients stay consistent with their prescribed cleaning schedule, they are also given free whitening gel for life.  To get more information about the Whitening For Life program, call Pure Dental Health today.

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