Healthy Foods That Can Stain or Whiten Your Teeth

Atlanta GA Cosmetic Dental PracticeIf you want to maintain white teeth, you probably already know to stay away from dark-colored sodas, coffee, red wine and smoking. However, did you know that there are healthy foods that can stain your teeth too? Don’t worry; there are also some nutritious food choices that can help whiten your teeth too. Knowing which foods impact the appearance of your smile can help you eat smarter for a whiter, brighter smile.

Whether you are trying to retain the results of a recent teeth whitening procedure, or you simply want to try and achieve a lighter tooth shade on your own, consider these good and bad food options.

Healthy Foods That Stain

 Due to their exaggerated color and often acidic nature, the following food options are known for staining your teeth, or leaving them more yellow, dark or dull than you’d like:

  • Berries – including blueberries, pomegranates, blackberries, cherries, cranberries, grapes, and other colored fruits.
  • Beets – watch out for the more concentrated juice form.
  • Nuts – black walnuts in particular will discolor teeth.
  • Sauces – soy sauce, curry sauce, tomato sauce, ketchup and other deeply colored sauces.

Healthy Foods That Whiten

You’ll be glad to know that there are ways to naturally scrub your pearly whites and prevent extrinsic tooth staining with what you eat. Try these healthy food choices to keep your teeth a brilliant white:

  • Apples
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Celery
  • Strawberries
  • Cheese (cheddar cheese counteracts acids in foods, cleaning your teeth and restoring the pH balance in your mouth)

In addition to the above mentioned foods, try chewing sugarless gum after meals or taking frequent sips of water throughout the day when you can’t brush. Also, consider using a straw when drinking dark-colored beverages.

If you’re currently suffering from a dingy or stained smile, we can help you at Pure Dental Health. We proudly offer the best in modern teeth whitening. In fact, we offer free whitening for life  for our patients. When you continue coming to us for your routine cleanings every six months, you will receive free teeth whitening gel during your visits.

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Is “All-on-4” The Way to Go?

Atlanta GA Implant DentistWhen it comes to replacing missing teeth, you’ve got options. Restorative dentistry includes dental implants, crowns, bridges, partials and dentures. It is important to determine your specific goals for teeth replacement and consider your unique clinical needs. If you need to replace a full arch of teeth, and want maximum stability in your new smile, an overdenture may be the way to go. Overdentures, also called implant-retained dentures, use dental implants to secure a custom upper or lower denture. There are no messy adhesive creams to deal with, and you’ll be able to chew, speak and laugh with the confidence you once had with natural teeth.

All-on-4 Addresses the Drawbacks of Overdentures

If you are considering implant-retained dentures, you may be dreading the cost, procedure time and recovery. In addition, if you have limited bone structure, you may be facing a bone grafting procedure in order to qualify for implant dentures, which extends the process even further. There’s good news. Modern dentistry now offers a revolutionary overdentures system called All-on-4 implant dentures. The All-on-4 method solves many of these drawbacks and hesitations of getting an overdenture, here’s how:

No Bone Grafting: The All-on-4 implants are uniquely designed to be placed at an angle within the jaw, which means that less bone structure is needed to fully support the implant. This is ideal for patients that would have to undergo bone grafting for traditional implants.

Less Invasive, Less Recovery: You’ll also benefit from a minimally-invasive oral surgery with All-on-4 implants. This consequently allows patients to recover quicker and more comfortably.

Faster Results: The All-on-4 system has the hallmark advantage of providing a new set of teeth in a single day! Unlike other restorative options using implants, you can walk out of the procedure with a complete and confident smile.

Cost-Effective: Less time in the dental chair results in less expense to the patient. With no bone grafting and a same-day procedure, your wallet will appreciate the savings with All-on-4 implant dentures.

Are you a candidate for All-on-4? Call Pure Dental Health to find out. We are known for excellence when it comes to rebuilding your smile.

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Fluoride Treatments for Adults: Who Can Benefit?

Atlanta GA Dentist Office in BuckheadWhile you may be familiar with fluoride as it relates to children’s dentistry, you should know that the importance of fluoride for your smile spans all ages. Fluoride is a key mineral in keeping your teeth strong and healthy, as it targets the outer enamel layer of your teeth. This layer is what protects your teeth from pain, infection and decay.

Fluoride is known for its ability to naturally make your teeth more resistant to cavities. This earth mineral acts as a shield to ward off harmful bacteria from penetrating and harming your teeth. In pediatric dentistry, fluoride treatments are common practice. Statistics show that young patients that receive fluoride treatments are 40% less likely to get cavities! But what about adults? Can they benefit from fluoride in the same way?

Ideal Adult Candidates for Fluoride Treatments

Patients of all ages and walks of life can benefit from fluoride. However, there are certain groups of adults who are ideal candidates for getting fluoride treatments or supplements from their dentist. If you have one of the following that makes you especially prone to cavities, fluoride treatment can help protect your smile:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Braces
  • Gum Disease
  • History of cavities

There’s no shame in admitting that your smile needs some extra help to stay healthy. Fluoride treatments are an easy, affordable and painless way to protect your teeth. Many of the above-listed conditions are out of your control. For example, you may need a certain medication that gives you dry mouth or you may have metal braces that make it harder to keep your teeth clean. Fluoride treatment can help bridge the gap.

Fluoride can be applied to your teeth in a quick in-office procedure that requires no anesthetic. However, adults may also elect fluoride supplements. Finally, you can increase your fluoride consumption by drinking more tap water instead of bottled water. Most importantly, make sure you are using a fluoride toothpaste when brushing your teeth every day.

For additional help on finding a fluoride source to benefit your dental health, please let us know. At Pure Dental Health, we recognize the importance of fluoride and proudly offer fluoride treatments for children, teens and adults!

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Stop Masking Your Bad Breath

Atlanta GA Dentist That Treats Bad BreathAre you constantly popping a mint or chewing gum in your mouth to cover up bad breath? That’s exactly what you are doing, “covering it up.” While it is normal to have a bad breath odor after eating garlic or onions, chronic bad breath needs to be addressed. Halitosis, the medical term for bad breath, is something your dentist can likely treat. Not only can halitosis be a threat to your social life and self-esteem, it could be a warning sign that something needs attention within your oral health.

Bad breath is often caused when there is an excessive amount of oral bacteria. Bacteria feeds on plague and food particles left in the mouth, and it releases foul-smelling sulfur compounds in the process. Therefore, the first weapon against bad breath is a cleaner mouth, which starts with proper brushing and flossing habits. If you are skipping your tongue when you brush, you are leaving millions of bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria love the moist and dark grooves that are found on the surface of your tongue!

If you feel like you are on top of your oral hygiene game and still dealing with chronic bad breath, it’s time to dig deeper in your investigation. There are several culprits to bad breath, and determining the cause of your halitosis is the key to fresh breath.

Could your foul breath odor be triggered by the following?

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Dry mouth
  • Sinus infection
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease

With such an expansive range of culprits, you’ll need a dentist’s help in determining why you can’t achieve fresh breath. While dry mouth may be a side effect of a medication you are taking, it could also be contributing to your bad breath and there are products a dentist can recommend to boost your saliva production. If your bad breath is caused from gum disease or a cavity, it won’t get better on its own. In fact, the health of your smile is at stake if you don’t receive proper treatment.

Before you resort to breath spray or stuff extra peppermints in your pockets, consider discussing your bad breath problem with a dental professional. At Pure Dental Health, we proudly offer halitosis treatment to patients of all ages – and yes, kids can have chronic bad breath too! Let us restore your smile confidence by eliminating your bad breath with a proven, long-term treatment plan. Call now to schedule your appointment in Buckhead.

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Seal Out Decay Today!

Atlanta GA Dentist That Offers SealantsYour teeth are a very important feature of your body. Of course, the teeth are regularly taken for granted, and they do much more than most people give them credit for. The teeth help you chew your food, they help you speak and enunciate your words properly, they offer a smile to others, support one another, support your jaw bone and your entire facial structure to give you a pleasant appearance. Protecting your teeth from cavities is a much more important mission that simply keeping a tooth healthy. If one tooth is unhealthy, the neighboring teeth are vulnerable; and the teeth adjacent to them become vulnerable until the entire mouth is put at risk. Protecting your smile is a much bigger job than most people realize.

Flossing the teeth daily and brushing the teeth at least twice a day are essential at-home dental care. Regular dental visits are also vital because they provide your dentist the opportunity to thoroughly clean your teeth and examine your entire mouth for any issues. Yet, there is another opportunity for provide your smile with a layer of protection to seal out harm. Dental sealants are an effective preventive measure that are used to protect the teeth from cavities and decay. Patients of all ages can benefit from this simple procedure because dental sealants do as their name implies: they “seal out” harm from the teeth.

Every time you eat, sugars, bacteria, and acids are left behind inside your mouth. The back teeth (the pre-molars and molars) have very rough surfaces for chewing and breaking down the foods that you eat. It is in these rough surfaces, consisting of deep grooves and pits, that food particles become trapped. Floss is not designed to clean these areas, and toothbrushes often cannot reach down into the deepest grooves to clean them effectively. Once sugars, bacteria, and acids become trapped in these pits, they begin to eat away at the tooth enamel, creating cavities and dental decay. To prevent this deterioration of the back teeth, dental sealants can be applied to provide a barrier against harmful substances entering the molars and pre-molars.

Dental sealants are plastic coatings that are applied to the back teeth in order to create a protective layer on top of the pre-molars and molars. These sealants seep down into the grooves and pits, and then the sealants are filled almost to the tops of the back teeth. Once the sealant materials are put in place, they are hardened with a special curing light that bonds the materials to the teeth. The procedure itself takes approximately 2-3 minutes per tooth, and there is absolutely no pain associated with dental sealant application.

Dental sealants are touted for their ability to offer protection to the back teeth that nothing else can. Dentists have widely offered dental sealants to children once their molars erupt inside their mouth. However, dental sealants offer the same protection to adults as they do to children. Adults who are cavity-prone, who have deeper grooves and pits in their molars, or who are simply concerned with their oral health and want to do whatever they can to protect their teeth are all great candidates for dental sealants.

As long as dental sealants remain in place, they offer protection against decay by simply not allowing harmful substances to enter the deep fissures of the back teeth. Dental sealants also provide an easy surface on the pre-molars and molars for brushing. Your dentist will examine the sealants at every appointment to ensure that they are still properly adhered to the teeth. Re-application is necessary approximately every 2-4 years for those who choose to utilize the protection that dental sealants offer.

Dental sealants are truly a simple, yet very effective, means of preventative dentistry. The cost associated with dental sealants is minimal to the costs of dental repair and restoration associated with decay, damage, and tooth loss. At Pure Dental Health, we are proud to offer this preventative measure to patients of all ages who wish to protect their smile. Contact us today to learn more about this simple procedure and how it can benefit you and your entire family.

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Oral Cancer: Your Dentist Can Save Your Life

Atlanta GA Dentist Office in BuckheadApproximately 50,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer by 2017’s end. Oral cancer has a very high death rate of 43% at five years from diagnosis, making it an incredibly dangerous form of cancer. One of the scariest causes of the high death rate of oral cancer is that many people with the disease do not realize that they have signs or symptoms of oral cancer until it is the later stages.

As with all diseases and forms of cancer, knowing the signs and symptoms of oral cancer can save your life. Oral cancer screenings help dentists detect oral cancer as early as possible in order to catch the disease before it is too late. Early detection of oral cancer expedites early and aggressive treatment and can lead to better endings and survival rates. At Pure Dental Health, Dr. Scott leads our practice with excellence in dentistry services, including oral cancer screening. Dr. Scott understands how aggressive this disease can be, and he has the experience and ability to spot the earliest warning signs of oral cancer. Continue reading “Oral Cancer: Your Dentist Can Save Your Life”

Erase That Frown!

Atlanta GA Dentist That Offers BotoxYou visit the dentist to achieve and maintain a beautiful smile, right? You want your smile to be a healthy, attractive feature that you are proud to share with the world around you. Well, what if your teeth and gums are perfectly healthy, yet the area around your mouth is detracting from your smile? Are your facial expressions, “resting face,” or first impressions really saying what you want them to?

One of the most prominent signs of aging of the face is the area around the mouth. The “parentheses,” or marionette lines, around the mouth are the creases in your skin that run vertically outside the corners of your mouth. It is ironic that the marionette lines that are often associated with the appearance of frowning are actually most commonly caused by years of smiling. When you smile, the facial muscles pull the cheeks up higher near the eyes and “pinch” the skin around your mouth to form a smile. While it is most certainly admirable to be proud of your “laugh lines” and any wrinkles that have been acquired from a life well lived, many people still find themselves self-conscious about any lines on their face that make them appear older than they truly are or give off an unfriendly impression to others. Continue reading “Erase That Frown!”

Don’t Let Fear Keep You From The Dentist

Atlanta GA Dentist That Uses Nitrous OxideAll people on Earth have fears, both rational and irrational, that keep them from doing certain things in life. Those who have a severe fear of heights typically avoid roller coasters and balconies on high buildings. This fear does not usually interfere with their quality of life. However, some fears do interrupt life and cause significant adverse concerns. Fear of the dentist is an incredibly common fear among people in the United States. Fear of pain, fear of the unknown, fear of a gag reflex acting up, fear of how much dental treatment may cost, or traumatic fears that stem from childhood often keep people from receiving the dental care that they need, thus, in turn, having a negative impact on their entire lives. Continue reading “Don’t Let Fear Keep You From The Dentist”

Acid Erosion

Atlanta GA General DentistAcid: noun

A chemical substance that neutralizes alkalis, dissolves some metals, and turns litmus red; typically, a corrosive or sour-tasting liquid.

If acids can eat through metal, imagine what they can do to your teeth.

Despite how many people treat their teeth, the teeth are not invincible. Yes, they are made up of the hardest substance in the human body, but teeth can still crack, break, and are vulnerable to decay. What you choose to put into your mouth on a regular basis has a direct impact on your teeth: it will either benefit your teeth or put them in harm’s way.
Continue reading “Acid Erosion”

Six Month Smiles

Atlanta GA Restorative Dental TreatmentsCrooked teeth are something that many people feel self-conscious about. As adults, having crooked teeth can feel like an eye-sore, a source of embarrassment, and as a hindrance in both your professional and personal life. However, many adults also feel that wearing traditional metal braces is also an eye-sore, a source of embarrassment, as well as a hindrance to their professional and personal lives. So, what are they to do? Continue reading “Six Month Smiles”