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tooth pain - emergency
  • Toothache
  • Dislodged
  • Tooth Tooth Breakage or Chipping
  • Filling or Crown Loss
  • Gum or Teeth Bleeding
  • Abscess

Emergency Dentistry

Dental pain isn’t always easy to predict. Whether you woke up with throbbing tooth pain or suffered a mouth injury during sports, you can depend on Pure Dental Health in Dunwoody for top quality emergency care. Dental emergencies can not only be painful and inconvenient but also threaten your oral health if left untreated. Our dentists encourage patients to seek dental treatment sooner rather than later when unexpected dental problems arise.

Our Dunwoody office promptly treats the following types of dental emergencies:

  • Toothache
  • Dislodged Tooth
  • Tooth Breakage or Chipping
  • Filling or Crown Loss
  • Gum or Teeth Bleeding
  • Abscess

When choosing us for your family’s dental emergency, you can trust that we will take extra measures to reduce your stress and alleviate your discomfort. Our office offers sedation dentistry, comfort amenities and the latest dental technology in modern dentistry. We are confident you will be satisfied with the level of care you receive at our Dunwoody practice.

Urgent Dental Care

If you or a family member suffer from a dental emergency, we urge you to call our office immediately. We proudly offer same day dentistry for patients who need urgent treatment for their teeth or gums. Please understand that we will do everything we can to see you as soon as possible. However, the scheduling of your dental treatment will depend upon the time in which you call and the type and severity of your situation. Getting you out of pain and protecting your smile health is always a top priority.

By choosing Pure Dental Health as your Dunwoody dentist, you can have peace of mind that we can address all types of dental problems under one roof. Our excellence in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry means that we can repair a simple tooth chip or replace multiple teeth in one convenient place. We strive to provide results that enhance the comfort, appearance and health of your smile at all times.

Do you have a dental concern that needs to be treated right away? Contact Pure Dental Health right away for emergency dental care in Dunwoody. We accept dental insurance and offer flexible financing plans.


Please read important notePlease understand that we strive to help each and every patient that comes into our office. Most dental offices DO NOT offer same-day, emergency services (due to scheduling and logistical challenges). We are committed to helping you the same day whenever possible, but want to set the right expectations up front. Being able to see and treat you on the same day depends upon the time that you contact and come in, how complicated your situation is, and other factors.

Schedule and come in as soon as you can-
Because others also have emergencies, our general time scheduling rule is first-come, first-serve. And most of the time, we can see you relatively soon. But there are times, based upon working you into an already full schedule, when you may have to wait a while.

Our emergency guarantee is that if you arrive before noon, we will provide same-day dental care. That said, there are situations where you won’t be able to get to the office by noon. In that case, we will still strive to meet and treat you same day (we just can’t guarantee it, particularly if you show up past 4pm). We have even had examples where patients have come in late on a Friday night (when we are the only office that is open), and in many of those cases were able to provide complete care that night. But there are times that patients have had to wait many hours. If you come in late in the afternoon, please be understanding that there are limitations to accomplishing this goal. At the very least, we should be able to take an Xray and and give you pain medication and antibiotics if needed. We do not, however, prescribe narcotics without a financial commitment towards recommended treatment. The best course of action is to call in to our front desk and ask about the day’s schedule.

Your situation also plays a role into whether we can do same-day work for you-
Your dental condition and appropriate treatment will also determine whether we’ll be able to help same day. Some procedures require a surgeon. If a surgeon is not here that day, then you’ll need to get antibiotics and prescriptions and come back on a day the surgeon is available. Patients with complicated medical history like uncontrolled blood pressure or diabetes may require a medical release and can’t be treated the same day. Also, patients requiring lab work from procedures such as dentures or partials will not be able to be treated on the same day as lab work will need to be sent away.

What we can’t do same day?
Any procedures outside of our ability to treat at that time. While all of our doctors have general dentistry training (which can treat most urgent cases), doctors have different skill levels. Some of our providers are trained for extremely complex dental surgery. However, those doctors are not always readily available at the office. Also, while we’re able to start some procedures on the same day, they may take multiple appointments to finish. For example, implants typically involve multiple steps.

Then there’s sedation. In order to be sedated you cannot have food or drink 6 hours prior to your appointment and you must have a ride arranged. If you are fearful, nervous, or require more advanced dental surgery (like wisdom teeth removal), then you most likely require sedation. So if you hope to have same-day dentistry performed under sedation, then you need to arrive as early as possible (ideally before 12), on an empty stomach (no food or water beforehand as the sedation may cause you to throw up), and with a ride ready. Also, make sure a dentist trained in IV sedation is available in that day by calling our office.

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