Atlanta IV Sedation Dentistry

Pure Dental Health is proud to offer IV sedation dentistry as part of our dedication to making sure our patients receive the highest quality dental care in the most comfortable, painless environment possible. For those who suffer from dental anxiety or have medical conditions that make it difficult to receive proper oral health care, we have a full range of sedation dentistry options at our Atlanta dental practice, including nitrous oxide, oral sedative medications and advanced IV sedation dentistry. Pure Dental Health is a comprehensive dental practice located in Midtown Atlanta. We are committed to giving you the healthy and attractive smile you deserve through our range of preventive, general, restorative and cosmetic dental services as well as implants dentistry.

Sedation Dentist

Dr. Justin Scott of Pure Dental Health is among the few dentists in Georgia that offer IV Sedation. You can be confident that our IV sedation dentist has received the extensive training and license required to administer this innovative and optimal approach to sedation dentistry in Buckhead. You can benefit from using IV sedation during your dental treatment if you have difficulty getting numb, suffer from moderate or intense dental anxiety, or have a low pain tolerance or severe gag reflex. An IV sedation dentist can also help you if you prefer to complete several dental procedures in just one visit.

IV sedation allows patients to be in a highly relaxed state while still being conscious, with the ability to communicate with your dentist during the treatment. It delivers a quick onset of sedation and is safely administered through an intravenous drip by our trained and certified IV sedation dentist. Your vital signs are monitored throughout treatment. After IV sedation, most patients will have limited memory of the dental treatment and they recover quickly compared to other sedation dentistry options.

Offering Excellence in Sedation Dentistry

Pure Dental Health is who the residents of Atlanta and Buckhead turn to for excellence in sedation dentistry. If you truly dread going to the dentist because of dental phobias, anxiety, severe gag reflexes, sensitive teeth or have limited time to spend on dental care, we can help you with IV sedation dentistry. Let our dental professionals take care of your smile while you relax. To learn more about our options in sedation dentistry or to determine if you are a good candidate for our advanced IV sedation dentistry, contact our Atlanta IV Sedation Dentistry Specialists at Pure Dental Health today.