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What can I expect on my first visit?
Your initial appointment will be an exam, your needed x-rays, and a basic cleaning. We like to be thorough on your first visit and therefore it may take up to 2 hours to complete, so please plan accordingly. If you have periodontal disease or need additional treatment there is often the option to complete the necessary treatment the same day. However, some days are more busy in which case you will be rescheduled to come back as soon as possible. We also offer a complimentary benefits check if you file with insurance so you are aware of all your benefits!
Where can I park my car?
Before 5pm parking is located in the front of the office; the spots you may park in have a reserved sign. After 5pm we offer complimentary valet. There is additional parking in the parking garage behind our building that is also free.
How much does treatment cost?
It’s very difficult to give a quote for treatment because each instance is very specific to the individual patient. For general treatments if you need an exact amount we have 2 options: 1) If you’re due for a cleaning or have several issues that you’d like addressed so we can prioritize for you, we recommend our $99 new patient special. It includes a comprehensive exam, a full mouth X-ray and a cleaning. 2) If you want to focus on one specific issue and you aren’t interested in a cleaning, we can charge the $99 but that money will be credited toward your treatment. For cosmetic treatments (veneers, implants, six month braces, whitening, etc.) we offer a complimentary cosmetic consultation, so we can see your specific variables and give you a more exact estimate of the cost.
Do you accept insurance?
Yes! And we even offer a complimentary benefits check on your first visit!
How do payment plans and in house financing work?
Depending on the treatment recommended, your payments will be broken down into an even schedule of payments. For example a root canal can be broken up into 4 payments to be paid over 4 months. The first payment of 25% is due on the day you schedule your treatment. We do not finance extractions, fillings, or initial appointments consisting of exam, x-rays, and a cleaning. Please schedule a complimentary consultation to see if you are eligible.
What is Whitening for Life?
Whitening for life is a program to keep your teeth white as well as healthy. As long as you come every 6 months for your cleaning, you will receive free whitening gel for life.
I don’t really like the dentist, is there anything I can do to help relax?
Depending on your level of anxiety, we offer anxious patients sedation dentistry or nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is typically all that is needed in most cases as nitrous oxide will help most anxious patients relax enough to make routine dental treatment a pleasant experience.
Why do you need my Credit Card info?
Due to high demand we want to ensure your appointment time is kept. It is important that each patient receive the best quality care. Your card will not be charged. A temporary authorization is completed and released. If you do not want to hold your appointment with a credit card we accept Same Day appointments Monday-Friday based on availability without a card.
Why do you need my Credit Card after a broken appointment?
Our schedule is very busy– we reserved 2 hours for your New Patient appointment and when patients don’t show up without contacting us we lost valuable time and money. To reserve your next New Patient appointment we just ask for your credit card to ensure you will show up for your appointment. If you do not reschedule 48hrs prior to your appointment you will be charged a $50.00 broken appointment fee.
What if I have an emergency?
If you have an emergency please call the office during business hours at (678) 673-3374 to schedule an appointment right away. If it is before or after business hours or on the weekend please submit an appointment request form. Someone from our team will call you as soon as we can to schedule your appointment.
What is the difference between routine cleanings & deep cleanings?
Routine cleanings are recommended every 6 months for everyone to maintain teeth health and promote longevity of the teeth. Deep Cleaning or scaling and root planing is preformed to treat periodontal disease. We can tell if this is occuring by having routine x-rays taken and by measuring your gum pockets. This is where any pockets that are 4mm or greater with bleeding are a risk for the disease. There is a bacteria in the mouth that gets into the gum pocket and starts to eat on the bone causing bone loss to occur. This bacteria can not only cause enough bone loss to make the teeth mobile or cause loss of teeth but it can also get into the blood stream and cause other health concerns such as heart disease, stroke or respiratory problems. We treat this infection with the deep cleaning by using a topical anesthetic to make you comfortable and clean down below the gums along the root structure of the teeth making sure it’s free of any calculus and also cleaning out the infection. After the therapy you will be given instructions for home care and brought back for a follow up in 6 weeks. This will start you off for your routine maintenance cleanings to keep you in a healthy state.
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