Atlanta Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Justin Scott and the experienced team at Pure Dental Health are proud to serve the residents of Buckhead and the greater Atlanta area with expert gum disease treatment. Gum disease is an infection of the gums and tissues supporting your teeth. It is a common problem affecting many adults and if it is not treated properly, it can lead to serious oral health problems. In fact, gum disease is currently the number one cause of tooth loss in the United States. If your gums are red, sore, swollen and/or bleed easily, these could be signs of periodontal disease. Don’t risk your long-term dental health by waiting to seek treatment. Call Pure Dental Health today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott so we can restore the health of your gums with top quality general dental care services.

Buckhead GA Periodontal Disease

If you are looking for a Buckhead, GA dentist who is highly experienced in treating periodontal disease, you can trust Dr. Justin Scott of Pure Dental Health. Using the latest dental technology and most advanced dental techniques, we can restore your gums to health and protect long-term health of your teeth. Our periodontal treatments include deep cleanings (scaling and root planing), anti-microbial rinses,  oral medications and more. Your individualized treatment plan will depend on the cause and severity of your periodontal disease. Once Dr. Scott has completed a thorough evaluation, he will recommend the most appropriate treatment or treatments needed to restore your gums to health.

Gum Disease Dental Care

If you need treatment for gum disease and are looking for top quality dental care delivered in a warm and relaxing environment, please contact our Atlanta Gum Disease Treatment Specialists at Pure Dental Health to schedule an appointment. For your convenience, our practice offers extended hours and accepts most major dental insurance plans. We look forward to seeing you and to helping you care for your smile.