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Quick Ways to Improve Your Smile ,

Quick Ways to Improve Your Smile

Enhancing Your Smile You wake up, ready to jump into your routine.  A sunrise bike ride followed by breakfast and reading the newspaper.  You make your way to the shower to get ready for your day at work. As you look into the mirror, you sigh.  “I just wish that I could enhance my smile,”…

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The Cost of Dental Implants Vs. Other Replacement Options

If you have considered dental implants in the past to replace missing teeth but ended up going with another replacement option due to cost, you are not alone.  Many adults choose temporary or removable tooth replacement options such as dentures, partials and bridges over dental implants because of the difference in cost.  If you take…

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Sedation Dentistry Takes the Fear Out of Dental Treatment

It is that time of the year where you see ghosts and goblins, spiders and skeletons lurking around every corner.  Halloween is upon us bringing many reasons to get spooked.  However, visiting the dentist should not be one of those reasons.  Dental phobias are real, but visiting the dentist can actually be a comfortable and…

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New Study Finds That Almost Half of American Adults Over Age 30 Have Gum Disease

A new study published on August 30th in the Journal Of Dental Research found that gum disease affects nearly half of American adults over the age of thirty.  This news is especially concerning since gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. In this study, researchers analyzed data from a nationally…

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Health News Article- What Your Mouth Is Trying To Tell You

Article Title:  What your mouth is trying to tell you Article Source: Article Review: Your mouth can say more about you than you ever thought possible.  In this health news article, researchers examine different parts of the mouth and what they can say about your overall health.  Some areas of the body that were…

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Dental Implants: Their Effect on Overall Health

Dental implants are a revolutionary tooth replacement system that enables you to have replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth.  Their positive effect on a recipient’s overall appearance, confidence and self-esteem are widely recognized.  However, you may not have stopped to consider their positive effect on your overall health. Natural teeth are…

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Procedures We Love

Transforming Your Smile You have gone to the dentist twice a year for as long as you can remember.  Every six months, you march into the dentist’s chair, have your teeth cleaned and checked, and head out the door with your next appointment notice in your hand. This has been your routine for as long…

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Porcelain Veneers: The Perfect Holiday Gift…For Yourself.

How would you like to unwrap a perfect smile for the Holidays this year?  It is October and the holidays are just around the corner.  That means parties and social gatherings galore.  The holidays provide endless opportunities for us to gather with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.  It can also put a lot of pressure…

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Teeth Whitening: Which Method is Right For Me?

If you have ever cruised the aisles of the drugstore looking for teeth whitening products, you probably noticed that there are a myriad of options out there.  Teeth whitening is currently the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States.  That is because everyone wants to have a whiter, more beautiful smile.    There is…

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