Dental Hygiene and the Risk for HPV

A recent study published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research suggests that infection with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) could be linked to poor oral health, including gum disease.  In the study, researchers from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston analyzed data from the 2009-2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).  This survey was conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics: a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  There were 3, 439 participants in the data: all between the ages of 30 and 69 years.  Participants were chosen based on the following criteria: 1.  available oral health data, and 2.  the presence or absence of HPV in the oral cavity.  Findings of the study showed that the participants who reported bad oral health had a 56% higher chance of developing an oral HPV infection compared with those who had good oral health.  Those with gum disease showed a 51% higher risk of an oral HPV infection.

The study did not directly link HPV to poor oral health, yet it does suggest that there may be a link between these two factors.  Clearly, more research is needed on this important topic.  However, it does confirm the importance of maintaing good oral hygiene and oral health.  Brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing at least once daily can go a long way in preventing periodontal disease and safeguarding your long-term dental health.  This study also highlights the importance of visiting the dentist regularly (once every six months) for routine dental cleanings and checkups.

HPV is currently the leading cause of throat cancer.  If you would like to get more information about how to improve your oral health and reduce your chances of developing an oral HPV infection, talk to your dentist today.

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Dental Implants: An Investment in Your Future

Dental implants are a revolutionary tooth replacement option that provides for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth.  Thanks to dental implants, people all around the world are able to once again eat the foods they love and speak, laugh, chew and smile with confidence.  However, for many, the cost of dental implants is a prohibiting factor.  It is true that dental implants cost significantly more than other tooth replacement options including partial dentures, full dentures and bridges.  However, for many, the return on investment with dental implants is so high that it more than makes up for the additional costs.  When viewed as an investment in your future, the cost of dental implants does not seem so high after all.

For starters, dental implants can free you from the worry and potential embarrassment associated with slipping, popping and falling dentures.  It can also free you from the hassle and expense associated with gooey, messy and foul smelling denture creams.  Even more importantly, unlike dentures, dental implants enable you to eat a wide variety of foods.  You do not have to limit your intake of fiber rich foods that are dense in nutrients, lower in calories but harder to chew. With dental implants, you can eat the foods you love and the ones that love you back, without worry.  This translates into better weight management and better overall health.

If you are interested in dental implants, but have not explored this option due to cost, you may want to reconsider. Many dental practices including Pure Dental Health in Atlanta, Georgia offer flexible and in-house payment plans to assist patients in covering the costs associated with this life-changing tooth replacement option.  For more information about dental implants or to find out of you are a candidate for this tooth replacement option, talk to a qualified implants dentist in your local area today.

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Multiple Options For Straightening Adult Teeth

It used to be that braces were associated with teen awkwardness and the middle school years.  However, with the increasing popularity of adult braces, this is no longer the case.  Advances in orthodontic dentistry such as clear aligner therapy, clear or ceramic braces and short-term orthodontics now provide a variety of attractive options for straightening adult teeth.  In fact, it is now estimated that one out of every five patients in orthodontic treatment is over the age of twenty-one.  This is good news if you missed your opportunity to wear braces as a teenager or if you have since experienced an orthodontic relapse.

In fact, many famous people including Tom Cruise, Faith Hill, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have worn some type of braces to straighten their teeth, in adulthood.  For most adults, the biggest barriers to wearing traditional metal braces are the altered appearance, time and money required.  In the first place, most adults just do not want to walk around wearing a mouth full of metal.  Invisalign® invisible braces are well as Six Month Smiles® both provide a good solution to this problem.  The Invisalign® system uses a series of clear aligners that are worn over the teeth to gently move them into the desired position, instead of metal wires and brackets.  Six Month Smiles® uses patented clear braces to align your teeth.  Both of these options provide a great alternative to traditional metal braces.

Time can also be an issue for many adults.  They simply don’t want to spend one to two years in orthodontic therapy to achieve straighter teeth.  This is where Six Month Smiles® offers a real advantage.  By focusing primarily on just the teeth that show when you smile and not making major bite changes, this patented system can help you achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile in an average treatment time of just six months.

Cost can also be a factor for many adults when it comes to orthodontic therapy.  This is where Six Month Smiles® also offers an advantage over other orthodontic solutions.  In most cases, the cost for treatment with Six Month Smiles® is considerably less than with Invisalign® or traditional metal braces.

If you are an adult and desire straighter teeth but are not sure which orthodontic solution to use to meet your goal, talk to your dentist today.  Your dentist can help determine the best orthodontic solution to fit your dental health needs, your budget and your lifestyle.

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Extended Hours and Saturday Appointments: Dental Care That Suits Your Lifestyle

If you are a working professional or a parent or both, you know how difficult it can be to get regular dental care for yourself and for the members of your family.  If your job is really demanding, as most are, or if your employer is not very understanding, you may be hesitant to take time off to visit the dentist.  If you are a small business owner or independent contractor, visiting the dentist during working hours means lost time and productivity and this costs you money!  If you are a parent, taking your child or children out of school for dental visits and scheduling around extra curricular activities can be challenging.  However, we all know how important it is to visit the dentist regularly.  Getting regular dental care including professional dental cleanings and checkups can help to ensure your long-term dental health and save you the time, pain and money associated with serious dental health problems.  And, with Americans living longer and longer, you are going to need your teeth to function properly for a very long time!

In today’s busy world, the traditional dental office hours of 9 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Friday simply do not work for many people.  You need dental care that suits your lifestyle!  That is why some forward-thinking, customer-oriented dental practices including Pure Dental Health in Atlanta are extending their hours and offering Saturday appointments.  With extended hours and Saturday appointments, working professionals can schedule their appointments before or after traditional working hours.  And, children can visit the dentist either after their school day and after school activities or on the weekends.  Offering these appointments also gives these dental practices more opportunities and more flexibility  to handle dental emergencies.

Pure Dental Health is now available to serve the residents of Atlanta with state-of-the-art, preventive, general, restorative and cosmetic dental care six days a week: Monday through Friday from 7AM to 7PM and on Saturdays from 8AM to 4PM.  Please give us a call today at 678-666-3642 to schedule your appointment.

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New Study Suggests Link Between Poor Dental Health and Alzheimer’s

The negative effects of poor dental health on your overall health and quality of life have already been well-established.  However, a new study suggests that poor dental health may also be linked to Alzheimer’s disease:  a devastating illness that causes confusion, dementia and a variety of other symptoms.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in the United Kingdom and was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Researchers examined brain samples from ten people who had dementia as well as brain samples from ten people who did not have dementia.  Examination of the brain samples revealed the presence of Porphyromonas gingivalis in the samples of the brains affected by Alzheimer’s Disease.  This type of bacterium is usually associated with chronic periodontal disease.  The presence of Porphyromonas gingivalis in the samples of the brains affected by Alzheimer’s Disease suggests that patients with poor dental health (periodontal disease) may be more at risk for developing Alzheimer’s Disease than people with healthy teeth and gums.

This is not the first study to link poor dental health to an increased risk for Alzheimer’s Disease.  It highlights the importance of practicing good daily oral hygiene and getting regular, preventive dental healthcare.  The best way to ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy and free of periodontal disease is to brush your teeth thoroughly at least two times per day and to floss your teeth thoroughly at least once per day.  Getting regular, professional dental cleanings can also help to remove the bacteria that can build up on the surface of your teeth, leading to dental problems such as periodontal disease.

For more information about the link between poor dental hygiene and Alzheimer’s or how you can decrease your risk of periodontal disease, talk to your dentist today.

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A More Confident Smile for A New School Year

It is hard to believe that another school year is here…already.  Where did the summer go?  For many of us, the new school year represents a time to return to our routines.  This may include getting a dental checkup.  Your dental checkup is a great time to talk to your dentist about cosmetic dental solutions that can improve the appearance of your smile.  Whether you are going into high school, are moving on to college or are anywhere in between, improving the appearance of your smile can boost your confidence and increase your chances of having a great school year.  Just think about how great your yearbook or prom pictures will be with whiter, straighter teeth!

Maybe you are embarrassed because your teeth are not straight but you feel like you are too old to wear traditional metal braces.  If this is the case, clear adult braces may be a good solution for you.  There are even some types of clear braces that can correct your smile in as little as six months.  Talk to your dentist today to find out if you are a candidate for short-term, adult braces or conventional clear aligner therapy.

Maybe your teeth have become yellowed or darkened from drinking coffees, teas and sodas or eating foods that can stain the enamel of your teeth.  If this is the case, you may be a good candidate for teeth whitening.  Your dentist can fit you with custom trays that can be used at home to whiten your teeth using a specially formulated whitening solution.  You can also ask your dentist if you are a candidate for an in-office whitening treatment that whitens teeth significantly in about an hour.

With today’s cosmetic dental solutions, you can have the smile you have always wanted.  Talk to your dentist today so you can start the new school year with a beautiful, confident smile!

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