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Clinical Trials Highlight The Success Rate of Dental Implants ,

Clinical Trials Highlight The Success Rate of Dental Implants

Past research has shown dental implants to be a highly effective and successful treatment for missing teeth.  That is why they are currently considered by many experts to be the “gold standard” in tooth replacement.  However, results of recent large, international clinical trials have provided patients and dentists with an even higher level of confidence…

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Losing Your Teeth: Everyone’s Worst Nightmare

Have you ever dreamed that your teeth were falling out?  You wake up in a cold sweat and run to the mirror to make sure you still have all of your pearly whites.  Sound familiar?  If so, you are not alone.  This dream about tooth loss is one of the most common anxiety dreams reported.…

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Treatments For TMJD

TMJD stands for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder: a chronic condition affecting the Temporomandibular (jaw) joint.  This disorder is the most common form of oral or facial pain and currently affects over 100 million Americans.  People with TMJD experience chronic symptoms including jaw pain, ear pain, dizziness, a clicking or popping noise in the jaw and headaches.…

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Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dental Solution

With the latest advances in cosmetic dental technology and techniques, it is now possible for virtually everyone to have the smile of their dreams:  a smile that is healthy, confident and long lasting.  However, with all of the cosmetic dental treatments available, how do you determine which solution or combination of solutions is right for…

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Dentca Dentures: An Advanced Solution for Missing Teeth

Technology has transformed virtually every industry in America. With today’s advanced technology, we can now do things we never dreamed were possible.  This is especially true in the field of dentistry.  Using Denta™ CAM/CAD technology, dentists can now provide custom made dentures with increased accuracy and precision, in less time than traditional dentures.  Dentca™ CAD/CAM dentures…

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Are You Tired of Your Old Silver Amalgam Fillings?

Are you tired of looking at a mouth full of metal whenever you open your mouth?  If you had silver amalgam fillings placed in your mouth to fill cavities and are tired of them, you are not alone.  Everyday, individuals all over the country have their old silver amalgam fillings removed and replaced with porcelain…

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