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With an emphasis upon treating all of our patients like family, Pure Dental Health goes above and beyond what most dental practices offer, ensuring that, even if you don’t like going to the dentist, you will certainly enjoy each visit a bit more now with the special amenities that we offer to add comfort for each client and guest.

Internet Bar with Free Wifi

We have an Internet bar where you can check your email, your favorite sports teams score, or just about whatever else you’d like to know. While you wait or before you hit the road, our patients love the convenience of being able to quickly sync in to cyber space. We also have free WIFI so that you can use your wireless device while you are at the office.

Beverage Bar

We offer a selection of beverages for our patients to enjoy during their appointments. Let us know what can get for you.

Same Day Emergencies

Toothaches are no fun. When a toothache occurs you need a dentist NOW. Why would you wait till tomorrow when you can be seen today? We will make sure to get you in and out of pain as quickly as possible.


Throughout the Pure Dental Health facility, you will be able to take advantage of HD televisions that serve as an excellent distraction to dental procedures and a much more enjoyable activity than starring at the ceiling and counting the ceiling tiles.

If you have a soap opera or football game that you want to see while visiting us at Pure Dental Health, just let a staff member know and we’ll be more than happy to change the channel for you.

Noise Cancellation Headphones

When it comes to relaxing, very few devices make the process more enjoyable than the tranquil, noise-canceling headsets that put your mind at rest. Instead of sitting in the waiting area and listening to dental equipment and background noise, slip on a pair of Pure Dental Health’s complimentary headphones that will slip you further into tranquility.


For many people, a visit to a dentist usually involves a cool, air-conditioned environment that could be a bit too cool for some folks. In order to keep you comfortable during your visit to Pure Dental Health, we provide warm blankets that will make you feel cozy during your dental procedure.

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Two Convenient Locations With Extended Hours

You can call us from 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, to schedule an appointment.

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