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Avoiding Cracked, Chipped or Broken Teeth ,

Your teeth were built to be strong and to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life and are meant to last a lifetime, with proper care.  However, Americans are living longer than they did in the past and many Americans over the age of 65 are missing some or all of their teeth.  One of the biggest threats to your dental health is chipped, fractured or broken teeth.

Although it can happen, it is rare for a tooth to crack, chip or break as a result of biting down on something hard.  However, teeth with fillings or root canals are more susceptible to this type of damage.  If you have teeth that have fillings or if you have had root canals, it is a good idea to avoid biting down on things like hard candies, popcorn kernels or ice to avoid damaging these already weakened teeth.

In most cases, cracked, chipped or broken teeth are caused by traumas such as car accidents, assaults and participating in contact sports such as wrestling, boxing, basketball and karate.  If you participate in these types of sports, it is important to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth from trauma.  You can find mouth guards in most sporting goods stores.  You can also get a custom-made mouth guard from your dentist.  A custom-made mouth guard is made specifically to fit your mouth and may be more comfortable to wear and effective in preventing trauma to your teeth.

If you do have teeth that are cracked, chipped or broken, there are several dental solutions that can be used to restore the form and function of your smile.  Depending on your particular situation, your dentist may recommend a dental inlay/onlay, a crown, porcelain veneers or some other type of restorative treatment.  In some cases, teeth that have been damaged beyond repair need to be removed to protect the health of your remaining teeth.  In this case, there are several tooth replacement options available including dentures, bridges and dental implants.  Your dentist will be able to help you decide the best solution to suit your particular situation as well as your budget.

Pure Dental Health in Buckhead offers a full range of restorative dental services as well as the most advanced tooth replacement options available in Atlanta.  If you have teeth that are cracked, broken or chipped, schedule an appointment with Dr. Justin Scott today so we can get you on the road to a healthier, more beautiful smile.

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