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When the interior of a tooth becomes compromised from decay, trauma or other factors, it can be at risk for infection and abscesses. This can lead to severe pain and put your tooth at risk. Root canals can repair an infected tooth and stop the pain associated with this condition. Pure Dental Health offers effective root canal therapy for our patients in Brookhaven and the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Are root canals a painful procedure?
Too often, people associate root canals with pain. The procedure is not painful, but the infection and damage it relieves are known to cause pain. At Pure Dental Health, we make sure our patients are relaxed and comfortable during their root canal treatment. The discomfort is minimal, no more than having a cavity removed.
What is done during a root canal?
Root canals are named for the area of the tooth they treat. The interior chamber of the tooth is called the root canal. It contains the nerve root and the softer pulp of the tooth. During a root canal procedure, this canal is cleared of the infected pulp and nerve root. This stops damage caused by infection and eliminates the source of the pain. Once the canal is disinfected, it is filled and resealed, often using a dental crown to cover the damaged tooth.
When is a root canal necessary?
Most root canals are needed when the interior of a tooth becomes infected or damaged. This can happen when there is trauma to the tooth, cracking the exterior. It can also be caused by severe decay that has worked its way into the pulp of the tooth. In some cases, large fillings or multiple fillings to a tooth can irritate the nerve root, requiring a root canal to stop pain or infection.
What will happen if I don’t have root canal therapy on an infected tooth?
For many, severe pain can accompany a severe tooth infection. Most people come to us for a root canal when they have a painful tooth. In addition to the pain, the infection can do irreversible damage to the root of the tooth and put you at risk of the infection spreading. Root canals are often the only way to save the tooth, stop the infection and put an end to the pain.
Tell me about Pure Dental Health. Are you accepting new patients?
Pure Dental Health always welcomes new patients. We differentiate our service from other dental care providers by providing individualized care for our patients in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. You will notice the difference the first time you visit. We offer valet parking, an internet bar, a free beverage station and excellent customer service from our office staff. In our treatment rooms, you will find warm blankets, flat screen TVs, noise-canceling headphones, and hot, scented towels. Dr. Justin Scott and our entire team will take the time to get to know you and your preferences, ensuring you have a pleasant visit every time you come to our office for dental care.
Do you accept my dental insurance plan?
Pure Dental Health accepts most dental plans and we make it easy to use your insurance at our office. Our friendly team will help you determine what coverage you have available for your treatment. Root canals are usually at least partially covered under most plans. If you have a portion of your treatment that is not covered by insurance, we have payment options for your convenience.

If you have a painful or damaged tooth that needs a root canal, contact our office today and come see us at Pure Dental Health. We offer a full line of dental services for our patients coming from Brookhaven, including general, cosmetic, sedation and restorative dentistry.

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