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At Pure Dental Health, we know how important a white smile is to our patients. While oral health is our main concern, we also offer teeth whitening to help our patients maintain a vibrant, bright smile. As an added benefit to our many services and amenities, we give our patients free teeth whitening for life when they come in every six months for cleanings at our office. If you live in Brookhaven and want excellent dental care, come join our dental family – make sure to ask about how you can get our free teeth whitening offer.

Why do teeth become stained?
Your teeth are exposed to many dark pigments in the foods and beverages you consume. Tea, coffee, red wine and even healthy berries can stain your teeth. Nicotine is also a common culprit that can yellow teeth with its use. Even brushing twice a day does not always remove all the stains left behind. In most cases, it takes bleaching to remove the tint left behind from dark-colored substances.
What about over-the-counter products? Can they whiten teeth?
Having a white smile is very desirable – usually the whiter, the better. However, the over-the-counter products available in grocery or drug stores are not always as effective as advertised. They can take longer to see any results and can irritate the gums. Many can cause extreme tooth sensitivity or even damage the enamel. Using a whitening system from a dentist is a safer, more effective option.
How does the teeth whitening system at Pure Dental Health work?
We use a prescription HD whitening gel that is only available through a dental office. This gel provides excellent results quickly, while protecting your teeth from damage or sensitivity. The gel is applied using a self-forming teeth tray that fits your smile perfectly. This ensures the gel will bleach your teeth evenly while keeping the gel away from your gums. This system is used in the comfort of your own home, making it easy to maintain your white smile.
How often will I need to whiten my teeth?
Once you achieve the shade of whiteness you prefer, you will need to occasionally use the whitening gel and trays to maintain your brighter smile. How often will depend on your oral hygiene routine and what substances your teeth are exposed to every day. Smokers, users of nicotine products, avid coffee drinkers and other lifestyle choices may require whitening your teeth more often. Our dental team will give you instructions on how to safely use the whitening system to maintain your bright smile.
Why should I choose Pure Dental Health as my dental provider?
Our team at Pure Dental Health cares about making all our patients comfortable while giving them the best dental care available in the Atlanta area. When you become one of our patients, you become part of our dental family. We treat you like our guest when you come in for checkups, cleanings or other treatments. You will love our many amenities, like valet parking, an internet bar and beverage stations.

We offer general, sedation, cosmetic and implant dentistry, as well as orthodontic options. We take the time to get to know you and your oral health needs. We accept most insurance plans and have payment plans available for many services. It is our goal to help you get a healthy, beautiful smile while ensuring your comfort every step of the way.

If you have been wanting a whiter smile, contact Pure Dental Health today to schedule a consultation. Our office is right down the road from Brookhaven in Buckhead. Ask about how you can obtain free teeth whitening by scheduling a checkup and cleaning.

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