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Calming Dental Fears With Sedation Dentistry ,

Do your palms sweat when you think about visiting the dentist?  Does your heart race?  Have you avoided getting needed dental care in the past due to dental fears and anxiety associated with visiting the dentist?  If so, you may be suffering from a dental phobia.  Studies have shown that a high percentage of the population has some level of fear or anxiety associated with visiting the dentist.  However, for most people, this fear does not prevent us from getting the dental treatment we need.  For a small percentage of the population, the fear and anxiety is so severe that it makes it very uncomfortable or even impossible to get the dental care they need to maintain good oral health.

Fortunately, Sedation Dentistry provides a good solution for patients with severe dental phobias.  It can also be a good option for patients who have a severe gag reflex, have trouble getting numb or are allergic to anesthetic medications.  Sedation Dentistry is also used for patients with developmental disabilities, medical problems or other issues that make it difficult to receive dental care.

There are a variety of different types of sedative medications that can be used in dentistry.  One of the most common forms is inhaled Nitrous Oxide (also known as laughing gas).  This form of sedation does not put you to sleep but causes a euphoric sensation.  One of the biggest advantages of laughing gas is the fact that it wears of very quickly once it is ceased and does not cause any after effects.  Oral sedatives are another form of sedation that can be used in dentistry, in the dental office setting.  Once administered, these oral medications produce a sleep-like state, but do not cause you to become unconscious.  You can still follow simple commands.  You may or may not remember anything about the time that you were under the oral sedative medications.  Intravenous sedative medications are another type of sedation that can be used in dentistry, however, this type is typically reserved for the most severe cases or in cases where several procedures are performed in one dental visit.

If a dental phobia is making your dental experience unpleasant or is preventing you from seeking needed dental care, talk to a certified sedation dentist in your local area today.

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