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Caring For Your Dentures ,

Dentures are an investment and have a large bearing on your ability to eat, speak and chew with confidence. And, just like regular teeth, dentures require proper care and attention to keep them functioning at a high level and to make them last a long as possible. So, how should you properly care for your dentures? Read on to find out.

Keeping your dentures clean is one of the most important aspects of regular denture care and should be done on a daily basis. This includes cleaning them daily with a denture brush and soaking them in a cleanser solution. Cleaning your dentures daily will help to keep them white and bright and will prevent plaque buildup. Daily cleanings can also help to prevent denture odor. However, it is important not to brush too hard when you are cleaning your dentures as this can cause damage. Moistening the dentures prior to cleaning them can help you avoid scratching or damaging the delicate metal and plastic parts.

Before putting your dentures back into your mouth, you should brush your gums, tongue and any natural teeth (in the case of partial dentures) with a fluoride toothpaste. You can also rinse with a mouthwash to help get rid of bacteria in your mouth and give you a clean, refreshed feeling.

When you are not wearing your dentures, you should keep them moist to keep them from drying out and losing their shape. You can store them a container that is specially made for this purpose with either water or soaking solution.

If your dentures become loose or uncomfortable, you should notify your dentist as soon as possible. He or she may need to make certain adjustments to improve their fit and comfortability.

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