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Consult a Dentist Before Whitening Your Teeth ,

If you desire whiter teeth and are planning to use an at-home bleaching system, it is a good idea to first discuss this treatment with your Dentist.  The risks associated to tooth whitening include tooth sensitivity and damage to the roots of teeth.  Your Dentist may be able to predict whether or not you will suffer from tooth sensitivity and may be ale to recommend certain products and toothpastes that are designed to treat sensitive teeth.  A qualified Dentist can also check for signs of root damage caused by teeth whitening and can treat the condition if it is detected early enough.  For these reasons, The Academy of General Dentistry recommends Dentist supervision for any whitening treatments, even over-the-counter preparations.

Tooth whitening is an incredibly popular cosmetic dental procedure and is effective in a majority of patients.  Typically, yellow-colored teeth respond well to whitening while brownish-colored teeth do not respond quite as well.  Gray stains caused by smoking, taking Tetracycline or Fluorosis (ingestion of too much fluoride) are difficult to change dramatically with tooth whitening.  For these patients, a Dentist may recommend other cosmetic dental procedures such as porcelain veneers or bonding.

A qualified Dentist can examine your teeth, review your dental history and recommend the safest and most effective tooth whitening method available to suit your specific needs as well as your budget.  He or she can also monitor your results and make sure that you are not harming your teeth or gums during the process.

Good oral hygiene such as brushing and flossing daily and receiving regular professional dental cleanings will also help to keep your teeth looking whiter and feeling healthier.  For more information about teeth whitening, contact a cosmetic Dentist in your local area.

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