Decatur CEREC Same Day Crowns

Repairing a damaged tooth with a dental crown used to take a week or longer with two or more visits to the dentist. Pure Dental Health now offers same day dental crowns using advanced CEREC technology. The next time you need a dental crown for you or someone in your family in Decatur or DeKalb, call our expert team to learn more about our one-visit dental crowns.

CEREC technology has changed the dental crown procedure by streamlining the entire process. Dental crowns have traditionally been created from silicone molds made of the damaged tooth at a dental lab. This required the patient bite down on a mold form until the substance set – an uncomfortable and messy process. Once the mold was created, it was sent to the dental lab, usually off-site, to be milled from ceramic or metal. It could take a week or longer before it was returned, while in the meantime the patient lived with a temporary crown.

Now, dental crowns can be designed and milled the same day at our office near Decatur and DeKalb. Pure Dental Health has invested in CEREC equipment that allows us to make our own dental crowns on-site in about one hour.

How CEREC Crowns are Completed the Same Day

CEREC technology gives us the ability to create our own dental crowns in our office without the need of molds or an outside dental lab. First, we use the advanced imagery equipment to take a 3D photo of the tooth. This creates a digital picture of the tooth and bite formation from all angles. This image is transferred into our CEREC milling equipment that uses the image like a blueprint to create a ceramic dental crown in about an hour. In the time that it took to create a mold and temporary crown in the past, a new permanent crown can be ready to be placed.

Once the crown is finished, we place it onto the tooth and ensure it fits perfectly and comfortably with your other teeth. Adjustments can be made, then the tooth is bonded to the new crown. Once it is polished, the process is complete. You can walk out the same day with a beautiful, color-matched white crown on your tooth.

Dental crowns are used for repairing broken or damaged teeth that need extra protection. Teeth with large fillings or that undergo root canal therapy often need a crown to strengthen the structure. Dental crowns are also used to create dental bridges to replace missing teeth and to cosmetically hide dental flaws. With CEREC same day crowns, all these dental procedures can be completed quicker and with less discomfort for our patients.

Fast Crowns – Excellent Dental Care

Creating and placing one-visit dental crowns are just one of the many services we offer at Pure Dental Health. We are a full-service dental clinic, offering general and cosmetic dentistry, along with restorative and sedation services. We believe in treating every patient like a VIP to make coming to the dentist more enjoyable. We have valet parking, an internet bar, a beverage station, flat screen TVs, wireless headphones and much more. You will love how you are treated when you come to our office, and you will appreciate our commitment to providing the best dental care in the Decatur and DeKalb area.

When you need a tooth repair that requires a dental crown, come see us at Pure Dental Health in Buckhead for a same day repair. We have extended hours for your convenience, with both early and late appointments available. Most dental plans are welcome and we also offer payment options. Contact our office today.