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At Pure Dental Health, we offer gentle root canals to repair damaged or infected teeth at our office near Decatur and DeKalb. Infected teeth can be extremely painful and put your health at risk. Our expert team offers professional care for infected teeth, removing the source of the pain in a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

What causes tooth infections?
Tooth infection and abscesses can occur when a tooth has been damaged, allowing bacteria or decay into the interior of the tooth. This can happen due to decay that has penetrated the exterior of the tooth, affecting the pulp and nerve root in the interior. It can also be caused by trauma or cracks in the teeth. Large fillings or multiple treatments to a tooth can also cause damage or irritation to the nerve root, resulting in pain or infection.
How do root canals treat tooth infections?
Root canals are named for the part of the tooth that they treat. The root canal is the interior portion of the tooth that contains the softer pulp and nerve root. When infection takes hold in this canal, inflammation can press on the nerve, causing severe pain. It can also damage the root, jeopardizing the entire tooth. Root canals remove the source of the infection and pain, extracting the nerve root and infected pulp inside the tooth.
How is the root canal performed?
First, the tooth and surrounding area will be numbed. The root canal is accessed from the top of the tooth, removing the infected pulp and the nerve root. Disinfection of the entire canal is completed to prevent any further infection, then the tooth is packed with a hygienic material and sealed. A dental crown is usually needed to cover the tooth to protect it from structural damage.
What can I expect during the root canal procedure?
Many people think root canals are painful. The good news is the procedure is not painful, only slightly uncomfortable like a cavity removal. You will be made comfortable in one of our cozy treatment rooms with a warm blanket, noise-canceling headset and access to the flat screen TV. If you choose, we have sedation options to help you relax even further during your procedure. After your root canal is complete, we will give you a hot, scented towel to revive your face and get you ready to go home.
Will my tooth take long to heal?
If you have pain from the infection before your root canal, you will be happy that the pain will be gone after your procedure. There can be a slight tenderness around the tooth from the procedure, but your tooth will quickly heal and feel as good as new.
Does Pure Dental Health offer other dental services?
At Pure Dental Health, we strive to take care of all our patients’ needs at one location. We offer general dentistry services including checkups, cleanings, repairs, root canals and extractions. In addition, we have many specialty services including sedation, cosmetic procedures, dental implants, orthodontics and much more. All this is available in our modern, comfortable office in Buckhead, with a friendly team of dental experts that will treat you like a VIP every time you visit. We even offer valet parking to make it simple and easy to come to us for your dental care.

If you live in Decatur or DeKalb, excellent dental care is right down the road at Pure Dental Health. We accept many different dental insurance plans and have flexible payment options available. Contact us today if you are experiencing tooth pain due to a damaged or infected tooth – root canal therapy can stop the pain and save your tooth.

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