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Dental Erosion ,

Dental erosion is one of the most common causes of cavities and tooth loss.  It occurs when the enamel (the protective layers on the outside of the teeth) is destroyed, exposing the underlying dentin.  When this occurs, your teeth are left vulnerable to sensitivity and decay.

There are a variety of different foods and beverages that can cause dental erosion due to their high acidity.  These foods and beverages include the following:

  • orange juice
  • apple juice
  • grapefruit juice
  • citrus fruits (lemons, limes, oranges, etc.)
  • tomatoes
  • pickles
  • white wine
  • soda
  • sports drinks
  • energy drinks
  • sour candies
  • tea
  • coffee

If you enjoy foods or beverages on this list, no need to panic or to necessarily cut them out of your diet completely.  Some of them (citrus fruits, tomatoes, tea, etc.) are really good for you and contain important vitamins and minerals. However, if you eat them all day long or everyday, you may want to think about limiting your intake.  If you are going to eat or drink these highly acidic foods and beverages, rinsing your mouth or brushing your teeth after eating or drinking them will help to limit the exposure to your teeth.

If your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold foods, this could be a sign that you are experiencing dental erosion.  If you have cavities or dental carries, this could be another sign.  If you suspect that you may have dental erosion, schedule an appointment with your dentist today.  After a thorough evaluation, he or she can recommend the best method or methods for dealing with this common and serious dental health issue.

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