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Dental Technology and Your Oral Health ,

Technology has had a dramatic effect on our world.  Just think about how different our daily life is today than it was ten years ago.  Ten years ago, most people owned a cell phone and a home computer.  These days, many people own a laptop, iPad, smart phone, iPod and more.  We no longer send mail through the post office, we simply send a text or an email message.  And, when was the last time you sent out paper invitations or announcements?  If you want to invite someone to a party, you send an electronic invitation.  If you want to announce that you have moved, just put it on Facebook.  Even MapQuest is now almost obsolete since most people have a map application on their cell phone.  The same can be said for the field of dentistry.  From high powered dental lasers to sophisticated intra oral cameras, dental technology has revolutionized the field of dentistry.

However, not all dental practices are embracing this new dental technology.  Dental technology requires an investment in both time and money.  Once a new piece of dental technology has been purchased, both the dentist and some of the staff members must be trained on how to use it before it can be effectively incorporated into the practice.

Most dentists find that incorporating new dental technology into their practice is worth the time and investment involved.  This is because dental technology can greatly improve patient care and the patient experience while at the same time helping the dentist to be more efficient.  The most common types of dental technology being used today include digital x-rays, paperless practice management systems, intra oral cameras, dental lasers, CAM/CAD systems, and environmentally friendly sterilization systems.  Before selecting a dental practice to care for you and your family, it is good idea to ask about the dental technology they are currently using and about any future plans for incorporating new technology in their practice. This will ensure that you are selecting the best dental practice possible to meet your needs.

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