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Get a bright smile that will enhance your appearance with professional teeth whitening from Pure Dental Health. We know how important a healthy, bright smile is to our patients. We offer an effective system to get you a youthful, attractive smile at our office near Druid Hills. Even better, you can have our teeth whitening system for free when you become a new patient at our office – we will even give you whitening for life when you continue to come to us for your dental care and maintenance.

Why do teeth change color?
There are many reasons that your teeth are not as bright as they were when you were younger. Teeth are porous and stains can accumulate on the surface. The enamel can also dull as you get older – this can be hereditary or due to some medical conditions. While brushing every day and having professional cleanings every six months can help keep your teeth white, it is not always enough. Professional whitening or bleaching can remove those stains and help brighten the enamel to a youthful glow.
Once I whiten my teeth, will they stay white?
While teeth whitening can brighten your smile, it must be maintained though ongoing whitening to keep it bright. Substances like coffee, red wine, berries and nicotine can stain your teeth with regular use. This is why we offer teeth whitening for life – just come in every six months for your cleanings and we will replace your whitening gel during your visit for free.
How does this system work?
The teeth whitening products we use at Pure Dental Health have a higher level of bleaching agents than those available over-the-counter. The HD whitening gel is safe and effective, and is applied within the teeth trays that are formed to your teeth. This allows for an even application for improved whitening, while keeping the gel away from your gums.
Is it safe to whiten your teeth?
There are some teeth whitening products that can harm your teeth and cause gum irritation or extreme sensitivity. The system we use at Pure Dental Health is safe when used as directed, protecting your teeth from damage. Your dental health is always our top priority. You can have whiter teeth while still maintaining excellent oral health.
Will I need to have impressions taken of my teeth?
Our teeth whitening system does not require you to have impressions taken of your teeth. This eliminates the gooey and uncomfortable experience that many whitening systems require. Our teeth trays self-form to your bite, giving you customized trays without needing to take impressions of your teeth.
Can I purchase teeth whitening through Pure Dental Health?
Yes, you can purchase our professional teeth whitening system as well as any of our cosmetic dentistry services. However, why pay for teeth bleaching when you can have it for free with regular dental care? It is important for your oral health to have cleanings every six months to remove plaque and tartar that can lead to decay and gum disease. When you choose us for your routine oral health care, you also receive the whitening system for free. Most dental insurance plans cover cleanings as preventive care, which means you may not have any out-of-pocket expenses for these appointments.
What makes Pure Dental Health special?
Our team provides personalized care for our patients in a comfortable atmosphere. We offer a comprehensive list of dental services for all your oral health needs. You will be treated as our guest, with many amenities to make you feel at home. Enjoy valet parking, flat screen TVs, an internet bar, scented towels and much more during your visits to our office. Our goal is to give our patients the highest level of service and dental care to keep them coming back to us for their oral health needs.

Contact Pure Dental Health today to find out more about our free teeth whitening offer and to schedule your first appointment.

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