General Dentistry

NTI Nightguard System – Headache Treatment

If you wake up with tension headaches or suffer from frequent migraines, you may find the relief you need from general dental care. Nighttime teeth grinding and clenching can often lead to TMJ disorders, earaches, facial pain and tension headaches. At Pure Dental Health, we are proud to offer an effective solution using the NTI nightguard system.

The NTI nightguard is FDA approved for the treatment of headaches associated with nocturnal teeth grinding and/or clenching. It is not only smaller than most night guards, but it is also custom fabricated for each patient’s unique smile. Patients report a comfortable night’s sleep and a pain-free morning using the advanced NTI nightguard system.

Nightguard for Bruxism – Teeth Grinding

Nightly teeth grinding can wear down your teeth as well as cause excessive strain on your jaw joint and surrounding muscles. Many patients wake up with head pain and a sore jaw as a result of bruxism. Since teeth grinding is often a subconscious habit, it is difficult to stop on your own. Fortunately, our Dunwoody dentists offer an easy solution to protect your teeth and prevent the disruptive symptoms of TMJ disorder. To learn if a custom nightguard for bruxism is right for you, please call Pure Dental Health. We have a team of caring dental professionals that are passionate about helping patients maintain a comfortable and healthy smile.

If you believe that nighttime teeth grinding may be the source of your morning headaches or you’ve failed to find relief from other migraine treatments, please schedule an evaluation with our NTI nightguard experts in Dunwoody. We promise a stress-free and rewarding experience with soothing amenities and modern dental technology.