Sedation Dentistry

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea occurs when there are several pauses of breathing during nighttime sleep. Patients may frequently wake up gasping for air or snore loudly due to this condition. If left untreated, sleep apnea can disturb your quality of sleep as well as lead to serious consequences within your overall health. Due to poor sleep patterns and multiple episodes of restricted oxygen during the night, sleep apnea sufferers may experience symptoms such as daytime fatigue, headaches, memory loss, anxiety, irritability and even depression. To gain a better night’s sleep and protect your health with general dentistry, consider sleep apnea treatment from Pure Dental Health in Dunwoody.

When addressing sleep apnea, our Dunwoody dentists carefully evaluate your symptoms and work collaboratively with your primary physician when necessary. We proudly use oral appliance therapy as an effective, FDA approved solution for sleep apnea. Oral appliances are ideal for those who are unable or unwilling to tolerate a CPAP machine. They are custom fit for comfort and designed to keep the airway in an open position so that sleep apnea episodes and snoring are greatly minimized. Oral appliance therapy is also excellent for those who travel, as bulky CPAP machines can be difficult to transport.

Relief from Snoring and Teeth Grinding

At Pure Dental Health in Dunwoody, we have a team of highly skilled dentists who understand how to prevent snoring, teeth grinding and sleep apnea in order to protect your body’s health and overall wellbeing. These are sleep conditions or habits that can not only damage your teeth but also jeopardize the way you feel during the day. Our office proudly utilizes the latest and most proven nightguards for snoring and teeth grinding relief. In many cases, loud snoring is associated with sleep apnea, and we can effectively treat both conditions with one oral appliance.

If you or your bed partner suffer from frequent snoring, teeth grinding or pauses in breathing during the night, let the experts of Pure Dental Health help. Contact our Dunwoody office today to learn your candidacy for nighttime oral appliance therapy. Unlike CPAP machines, oral appliances allow patients to speak and yawn with ease while wearing the device.