Fulton County CEREC Same Day Crowns

Never wait a week or longer for a new dental crown again. Pure Dental Health offers convenient, same day crowns for our patients in Fulton County. Dr. Justin Scott and our experienced dental team have access to advanced CEREC technology to design and create new dental crowns in our office in Buckhead on the same day as your visit.

Dental crowns are used for a variety of purposes in dental care. Broken or damaged teeth can be repaired using a dental crown, which places a protective covering over the tooth. Crowns are also used to create bridgework for missing teeth and can be an option for cosmetic dentistry to hide discolorations or flaws. Most people prefer ceramic or porcelain crowns that match the color of their teeth. However, crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including gold or other metals.

Traditionally, a dental crown can take at least two visits and up to two weeks to be placed on a damaged tooth. The old method required a mold to be made of the tooth, usually using a silicone mold that the patient would need to bite down on and hold in their mouth. The process could be uncomfortable. Then, a temporary crown needed to be placed on the tooth to protect it until the new crown arrived from the dental lab. During a second visit, the temporary crown was removed, and the new crown was fitted. If the crown didn’t fit, the process had to be repeated.

Save Time with CEREC One-Visit Crowns

If you have been through the traditional process before, you know how much time and inconvenience was involved with getting a new dental crown. With CEREC technology, you can have your new crown made and fitted during one visit to our office. No uncomfortable molds are needed, no fitting of a temporary crown – just a quick scan to create 3D images of your tooth and the CEREC system can create your new crown in about one hour.

The CEREC system uses advanced imagery to create the digital mold of your tooth. This is sent to the milling machine that uses the image to create a beautiful, new ceramic dental crown that matches your tooth color. Once the crown is made, Dr. Scott will place it on your tooth and check to ensure it fits perfectly into your bite. If needed, small changes can be made to the crown to get the right fit. Once it is the right fit, the crown is bonded to your tooth and the surface is polished. You will walk out with your new crown in place without needing a second visit.

Quick Crowns in a Comfortable Dental Office

Convenience and comfort are important to us at Pure Dental Health. We utilize the latest dental technology to ensure our patients get the best care for their smiles as quickly and comfortably as possible. This includes technology like CEREC for same day dental crowns. It also includes our many amenities that you can enjoy during your visit. Valet parking is available most afternoons at our office. Plus, while your crown is being created, sit back and relax under a warm blanket and watch a show on a flat screen TV with your noise-canceling headphones. Our office is designed to make you feel at ease while you get excellent care for your smile.

CEREC crowns are not only quick, they look fantastic and have similar durability to traditional crowns. Our patients at Pure Dental Health appreciate the option of getting their crown placed the same day instead of living with a temporary crown until a dental lab can mill and deliver their new crown. If you live in Fulton County and need a dental crown for tooth repair or other purposes, contact our office to learn more about our one-visit dental crowns.