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When a tooth is badly decayed or infection reaches the interior of the tooth, a root canal procedure can be required to save the tooth. If you have a painful or infected tooth in Marietta or East Cobb, Ga., Pure Dental Health is your source for gentle root canal therapy to treat your tooth. Our endodontist specializes in repairing the interior of teeth to restore health and stop the pain associated with severe decay and infection.

What are the symptoms of a tooth that needs a root canal?
A root canal is needed when the interior of the tooth is irreversibly damaged due to decay, trauma or infection. The symptoms usually include severe sensitivity to temperature, intense pain and discomfort when chewing. However, a tooth could need a root canal even though it is not yet causing discomfort. Once the interior is irreversibly damaged, a root canal is often the only way to save the tooth.
What occurs during endodontic therapy, or a root canal?
Endodontic therapy is often called a root canal as it involves removing the damaged pulp or nerve root from the canal inside the tooth. During this procedure, the pulp or nerve root is removed to protect the health of the tooth. Often infection or decay has entered the canal, so it is cleansed and sterilized before it is filled and resealed. Once the procedure is completed, a dental crown is used to protect the tooth from future damage due to the weakened structure.
Are modern root canals different than those done in the past?
There is a big difference between the root canal therapy performed now versus even a decade ago. In the past, root canals could take several procedures to complete. This could be uncomfortable and even painful for the patient. Modern root canals like we perform at Pure Dental Health can usually be completed in one visit and are not painful. We use the latest technology that allows us to quickly perform this procedure to remove the source of pain, not add to the patient's discomfort.
Why do I need a dental crown after a root canal?
When a root canal is performed, the tooth structure is weakened. The center of the tooth is removed and filled with a sterile material, but it needs protection. The cusp or top of the tooth can be susceptible to damage after the procedure. A dental crown protects the entire tooth and creates a durable surface that is also aesthetically pleasing when a porcelain crown is used.
Are root canals expensive?
If you have dental insurance, most plans cover at least a portion of root canal therapy. At Pure Dental Health, we accept many forms of dental insurance and we will help you determine how much your plan covers. If there is a portion that is your responsibility, we have payment options to help you fit the cost into your budget.
What makes Pure Dental Health unique?
In addition to our comprehensive list of dental services, we strive to differentiate our service by offering a high level of patient comfort and care. Expect to experience a spa-like atmosphere with valet parking, warm blankets, complimentary beverage stations, an internet bar and much more. Our team treats each patient like a VIP, taking the time to ensure their comfort. We want you to feel at home and at ease when you visit us for your dental care, making it a unique experience in comparison to many dental offices.

If you live in East Cobb or Marietta, Ga., Pure Dental Health invites you to join our dental family. Whether you need a root canal or just a routine checkup, contact us today for an appointment at our comfortable, modern office in Buckhead.

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