Midtown CEREC Same Day Crowns

Skip the multiple trips to the dentist next time you need a dental crown. If you live in Midtown, you can get same day dental crowns nearby at Pure Dental Health. We offer CEREC technology at our comfortable and convenient office in Buckhead which designs and creates your new crown during your visit. The process is quick, simple and comfortable, while producing a beautiful new crown that will protect and enhance your smile.

Dental crowns are used in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures. General applications include tooth repairs and protecting teeth that have been through extensive dental treatments such as root canal therapy. Cosmetically, crowns can cover chipped or discolored teeth to improve your smile. For restoring missing teeth, crowns are often used to create a dental bridge.

Regardless of the application in which they are used, dental crowns have been created the same way for decades. A mold is taken of the prepared tooth that is sent to a dental lab. The crown is created there and sent back to the dentist office. The patient must endure the molding process, which is unpleasant. They also must have a temporary crown placed to protect the tooth from damage until their new tooth arrives. It could take one to two weeks to finally get the permanent crown fitted and secured. That is no longer the case.

New Dental Crowns in One Visit

Pure Dental Health uses CEREC technology to speed up the process. This revolutionary system allows our team to design and create your new crown in one visit to our office. The method uses two different processes: imagery and milling. First, the old mold method is gone. No gummy molds, just a digital scan that is like an x-ray that creates a 3D image of your tooth. Once the image is made, it is sent to the on-site milling equipment which creates the ceramic crown in about one hour. Benefits of this process include:

  • Fewer visits to our office
  • Same day completion of your dental crown
  • Color-matched crown for a white smile
  • No messy molds
  • No temporary crowns

With the use of CEREC technology, many of our dental procedures can be shortened in time. Dental bridges, root canals and even cosmetic repairs can be done quicker with less visits to our office. This saves time for our patients and makes the experience more comfortable – no one wants to spend several days at the dentist if they can get it done in one or two visits.

Fast Dental Crowns in Comfort

We want our patients to always feel comfortable when they visit us at Pure Dental Health. Whether you come in for a regular checkup or need a one-day dental crown, we will make your visit as pleasant as possible. Our office was designed to make our patients feel at home; or if not at home, like they are visiting a spa, not a dentist. The treatment rooms are outfitted with comfortable chairs, blankets, pillows and flat screen TVs. You can relax while using our noise-canceling headphones and watching a show while you get the dental care you need. We even give you a hot, scented towel to refresh your face after your treatment. Your comfort is important to us!

If you are looking for a dentist in the Midtown area that offers the latest dental technology like CEREC same day crowns and a comfortable atmosphere, come see us at Pure Dental Health. We accept many dental insurance plans, have valet parking and we always welcome new patients. Contact us today for an appointment.