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Change your smile and your overall appearance with porcelain veneers from Pure Dental Health. Our team of dental professionals are experts in cosmetic dentistry, including the popular option of porcelain veneers. In just a few visits to our office near Midtown, you can hide dental flaws behind a new smile, created from beautiful porcelain.

Are porcelain veneers fake teeth?
Unlike crowns, dental implants or other teeth replacements, porcelain veneers do not change your existing teeth. Instead, a thin covering of porcelain is created to form a new façade for your teeth. These tiny, thin coverings are adhered to the front of your existing teeth to create a new smile.
What type of dental flaws can porcelain veneers hide?
Common issues that porcelain veneers are used to hide are gaps, slightly crooked teeth, discoloration and too much gum exposure. The veneers are designed to fit perfectly together for a smile that covers these issues and gives you a white, even set of teeth. The procedure is quick and virtually painless, giving you a new smile in as little as a week or two.
Can anyone use porcelain veneers?
Most people that want to change minor imperfections in their smile are good candidates for veneers. However, good dental health is recommended and you must have sufficient tooth enamel available to adhere the veneers. A small layer of enamel must be removed to accommodate the veneers, so if you do not have enough enamel for this process, veneers may not be an option.
Will it be obvious that I have had a cosmetic dental procedure?
Those you know will notice your smile has been enhanced. However, there are no tell-tale signs that you had porcelain veneers added. They look like natural teeth and new people you meet will only think that you have a beautiful, healthy looking smile.
What are the benefits of cosmetic dental veneers?
Fixing dental flaws like gaps, discolorations or crooked teeth can take years of orthodontic and cosmetic dental work. With porcelain veneers, you can get a new smile in just a week or two. Your smile will look whiter, brighter and straighter in a short period of time. This is wonderful for those who have an important event like a wedding or trip coming up where they want to look their best.
Will I need to replace the veneers down the road?
Porcelain veneers are a permanent addition to your teeth. However, they are made from porcelain and can be broken or chipped. Repairs can be needed to keep your smile looking its best. You should continue getting your routine checkups, cleanings and dental treatments as needed. We offer a full line of general dentistry services at Pure Dental Health.
What makes Pure Dental Health my best choice for veneers?
If you like being treated like a VIP, you will love being part of the Pure Dental Health family. We put our patients first, from giving them excellent dental care to our many comfort amenities that make their visits relaxing. Enjoy our modern facility equipped with flat screen TVs, wireless headsets, an internet bar, complimentary beverages, hot, scented towels and valet parking. We also have extended hours and treat you like our guest, which is why so many locals from Midtown come to our office in Buckhead for their dental care.

You deserve to look your best and with a gorgeous smile, you will feel more confident. Are you ready to take the step toward your best smile ever? Contact Pure Dental Health today to schedule your consultation to learn more about how porcelain veneers and our other cosmetic procedures can give you a perfect smile.

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