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Mouth Injury: When Is It An Emergency? ,
Dental Emergency Atlanta GA

Accidents happen. When you or someone near you experiences an injury to the mouth, there is often a heightened sense of fear and anxiety. While you need to at least have your dentist examine your oral injury, it is helpful to know when it is an emergency and when it can wait.

If you experience the following after an accident, it is best to consult your dentist right away for emergency dental care:

Severe Pain: Intense pain either immediately or shortly after an injury needs attention. This may be an indication that internal damage was done. Your dentist will need to take an x-ray to determine if there are conditions such as root fractures, abscesses, or damage to nearby teeth. Even pain at the lips or gums may require immediate sutures or wound care.

Visible Damage: If your tooth is loose, broken, or discolored, then your dentist needs to know promptly. Place any chipped or broken portion of your tooth in milk or water and bring it with you to your dental office.

Uncontrolled Bleeding: If you ever have bleeding that cannot be stopped or controlled inside your mouth, you need emergency dental care.

While the above-mentioned signs are cause for alarm, there are times when it is okay to “watch and wait” before calling your dentist. If the tooth appears stable and there is no discoloration, pain or swelling after several days, then you may not need to be seen immediately. However, if you are concerned in any way, please schedule an exam with your dentist. Neglecting minor dental issues can lead to worsening oral health complications and more costly treatments.

Always mention a dental accident (either mild or severe) to your dentist at your regular six-month checkup. In some cases, damage to a tooth is not seen for years after an accident. Furthermore, an x-ray needs to be taken to ensure no harm was done beyond what we can see from the outside. Finally, if you regularly engage in activities that leave your mouth vulnerable to trauma, it may be best to consider a custom mouthguard to protect your smile.

At Pure Dental Health, we proudly offer emergency dentistry to families in the greater Buckhead and Dunwoody areas. In many cases, we can perform same day treatment to alleviate your pain and restore your smile. Call today to learn more.

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