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Recovery After Dental Implants ,
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Dental implant surgery is a notable investment. While the final reward is exceptional and even life-changing for many patients, dental implants do require some patience and recovery. In fact, compared to other oral procedures, the healing phase is paramount for dental implant surgery. The success of your dental implant relies heavily on the implant’s ability to heal and fuse to the surrounding bone after your surgery. This is a process that will continue for several weeks after your procedure.

At Pure Dental Health, we value the importance of giving our patients superior care while they are in our office for dental implants. However, we also realize the value in helping them recover best at home. To this end, we educate them on what to expect during this important post-operative period.

First 24 Hours: There are important rules to follow immediately after your implant surgery, as it is critical that you do not disturb the wound. Patients should not rinse, spit or even touch the wound on the day of surgery. Minor bleeding and swelling is normal. Do NOT use a straw. NO smoking at any time during your healing process.

Pain Management: You will likely be given a prescription for pain medication. However, many patients rely on Ibuprofen every 4 to 6 hours as needed. Do NOT take aspirin for pain.

Antibiotics and Mouth Rinse: Please take the prescribed antibiotic until it is gone and gently use the antibacterial mouth rinse on the recommended basis. These are important steps to prevent infection in and around your surgical site.

Diet/Eating: For the initial few hours after your surgery, it is best to have cold liquids only, as this will help with inflammation as well as support proper clotting. Drink plenty of liquids but avoid using a straw. After the first six hours, you may eat soft foods, such as yogurt, eggs or soup. Avoid hard or crunchy foods until we instruct you otherwise.

Activity: When your body is healing, you need plenty of rest. Be mindful of this and do not overexert yourself or participate in vigorous exercise too soon.

Have more questions about what to expect after dental implant surgery? We are happy to help. Call Pure Dental Health today.

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