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Restoring a Cracked Tooth ,

Teeth can crack for a variety of reasons.  Dental trauma, tooth decay, and biting down on something hard can all cause a tooth to crack.  So what happens if you crack one of your teeth?  What are the dental treatments that can be used to restore a cracked tooth?  There are many.

There are several different restorative dental treatments that can be used to address a cracked tooth.  The type that is used will depend on the location of the tooth in your mouth, the severity of the crack and other factors.  Dental bonding is one restorative treatment that can be used to address a cracked tooth.  This is typically indicated when the crack is not overly severe.  The process involves applying a tooth-colored composite resin to the tooth to fill in the space left due to the crack.  The material is then cured with a special light to permanently bond it to the tooth.  If the crack or damage to the tooth is too severe to be treated with dental bonding or a composite resin filling, a crown may be placed over the tooth.  A crown will provide addition strength to the tooth and prevent further cracking.

If a cracked tooth is not restored promptly, it can leave that tooth susceptible to infection.  Once the tooth becomes infected, a root canal procedure may be needed to remove the infected material in the center of the tooth and then seal it to prevent further infection.  If a root canal is not performed on an infected tooth, it can lead to serious dental health problems including abscessed teeth.  In this case, the tooth may need to be extracted.

If you have a cracked tooth in your mouth, don’t risk your long-term dental health by waiting to have it fixed.  Talk to your dentist today about the restorative dental treatments available to suit your particular situation.

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