Roswell CEREC Same Day Crowns

At Pure Dental Health, we value your time and your comfort. One of the many ways we make dental care more efficient is with our same day dental crowns. No need to live with a temporary crown while you wait a week or longer for your permanent crown. We offer CEREC technology at our office near Roswell where we can create tooth-colored dental crowns the same day.

When a tooth needs protection or you want to hide dental flaws, a dental crown is often the solution. Crowns fit over a tooth to create a strong, durable surface for chewing while protecting the tooth underneath. Dental crowns are recommended when a tooth has been damaged, undergone root canal therapy or when too much natural tooth material has been removed.

Although dental crowns have been used for decades, they were never a quick procedure. First, the tooth needed to be prepared for the crown, removing enough tooth to make room for the cap. Then, a mold needed to be created of the tooth and bite – this could be an unpleasant experience while the mold is hardening in the mouth. The patient then needed to be fitted with a temporary crown to wear until the new crown was completed – usually about a week. Most dental crowns required at least two dental visits and a week or so before the permanent cap was in place.

With CEREC technology, spending several hours at the dentist over a week or two to get a dental crown is not necessary. Everything can be completed in one visit without the hassle or discomfort of traditional crowns. We are happy to offer this efficient and effective option to our patients at Pure Dental Health.

Get Your New Crown in One Day!

The difference in the CEREC crown method versus the traditional procedure starts with blueprinting the tooth for a new crown. Instead of the outdated mold, CEREC uses advanced imaging technology to create a digital form of the tooth and bite of the patient. This is a quick and comfortable procedure, like an x-ray. Then, this image is directly submitted to an on-site milling device that creates the new ceramic crown – it usually takes about an hour.

Even the hour wait while your crown is being processed is comfortable for our patients. Our treatment rooms include flat screen TVs, blankets, pillows, wireless headphones and internet to entertain you while you wait. We want our patients to feel at ease and enjoy their time in our office. Our extra amenities are another way we try to make coming to the dentist relaxing for our patients.

Once the crown is finished, our team will make sure it is a perfect fit before it is bonded to the tooth and polished. This one-visit application makes repairing teeth, creating dental bridges and completing cosmetic work faster and more comfortable for our patients than the traditional mold and dental lab option. CEREC dental crowns are color-matched to your smile for a natural appearance and they have the same durability of traditional crowns, making them an excellent choice.

One-Visit Crowns at Your Convenience

If you are looking for a dentist in the Roswell area that offers one-visit crowns and a full list of dental services, contact Pure Dental Health today. We put our patients’ comfort, health and convenience as top priorities. We utilize the latest advances in dental care for all our general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry services and provide a comfortable, relaxing environment. Early, late and same day appointments during our extended hours and our valet parking make it convenient for you to get the dental care you need. We look forward to meeting you and caring for your oral health.