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Do you look in the mirror and wish you could change your smile? If gaps, crooked teeth or bite issues are detracting from your smile, it may be time to invest in a change. Invisalign is the premier orthodontic option to correct alignment and bite issues for adults, with discrete, clear aligners. If you live in Dunwoody, you have a source nearby for Invisalign: Pure Dental Health.

Is Pure Dental Health an Invisalign provider?

Our team at Pure Dental Health is dedicated to giving our patients the dental services they need in an environment that they want. We offer general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry services, including Invisalign and other alignment products. Our office is designed to make our patients relaxed and at ease, with a pleasant, calming style and many comfort amenities. Enjoy the convenience of valet parking and a free internet bar, along with flat screen TVs, noise cancelling headphones and many other perks. Most importantly, we have a caring, experienced dental team that can help you achieve your best smile.

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Is Invisalign right for you?
Invisalign is an alternative to metal braces for straightening your teeth and aligning your bite. Most adults are not excited at the thought of wearing braces to their jobs or in social situations. Invisalign are clear aligners that are almost invisible, making them the aesthetic choice for adults wanting orthodontic treatment. But it is not just the look of Invisalign that makes this treatment so popular. The aligners are more comfortable, require less maintenance and can be removed when needed, fitting easily into your lifestyle.
Who can use Invisalign?
Most adults that need teeth alignment or adjustments are good candidates for Invisalign. Many of the same malocclusions that are addressed with traditional braces can be fixed with these clear aligners. The treatment process involves creating customized aligners that apply pressure to the teeth to shift their position. Every two weeks a new set of aligners are created to continue the movement process. On average, Invisalign for adults usually takes about one year of treatment.
Is Invisalign right for your lifestyle?
There has never been a more discrete and comfortable way to achieve a straight smile. There are no wires to tighten or bands to adhere. This means less trips to the dentist for adjustments and repairs, saving you time out of your busy schedule. Invisalign aligners are removable so that you can eat the foods you love without damaging your orthodontics. This is one of the most appreciated aspects of Invisalign. Take out your aligners to eat or perform your oral hygiene and put them back in when you are done. You don’t have to change your lifestyle while you get the orthodontic treatment you need to perfect your smile.
Can straighter teeth improve your oral health?
Invisalign is a great solution to fix cosmetic issues; it can also improve your oral health. Overlapped or crowded teeth can make it almost impossible to clean certain areas in your mouth. Tartar, plaque and bacteria that hide in these tight spots can lead to gum disease and other health issues. By correcting these alignment issues, you make it easier to achieve excellent oral health while getting a beautiful smile that will enhance your appearance.
Where should you call when you are ready to explore Invisalign?
If you are ready to pursue a healthy, straight smile with Invisalign, make that first call to our office in Buckhead, just a hop, skip and a jump from Dunwoody. Dr. Scott and our entire dental team is here to meet all your oral health needs and help you get a stunning smile. Pure Dental Health accepts many different types of dental insurance, plus financing options are available. Contact us today to begin your journey to a healthy, beautiful smile.

Why Choose Pure Dental?

Simply put, we know what you’re going through, and we want to help!

  • Our doctors have extensive education and experience in wisdom teeth extraction and recovery.
  • We offer the latest in sedation therapy.
  • We provide a treatment plan consistent with your personal dental health.
  • Our doctors and dental care team have been recognized for providing exceptional patient care and communication before, during and after treatment. We believe that in addition to good service, patients have a good understanding of the options, recovery, and care.

You can trust Pure Dental for superior, patient-centered care.

Contact Pure Dental Health TODAY to schedule your exam through our online scheduling form or call us at
(404) 343-2855. We are ready to help!

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