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Dunwoody Six Month Smiles

Achieving a healthy, straight smile does not need to take a year or more. With Six Month Smiles, you have your new smile in just a few months. Adults that want to improve the look of their smile can use this innovative cosmetic options to straighten crooked teeth, close gaps and even out crowded incisors. Pure Dental Health is happy to offer this option to our patients in Dunwoody, Buckhead and the surround Atlanta area.

How is this system different than traditional braces?
Braces have been used in their modern form for over a century, while other evidence of teeth straightening go back thousands of years. Unfortunately, these methods for shifting teeth have always been slow with noticeable hardware in place to make these orthodontic changes. Six Month Smiles has a new approach. While brackets and wires are still used like traditional braces, they are only used to move the front teeth that are noticeable when you smile. Plus, the brackets are clear, making them almost invisible. Even the wires are tooth-colored to blend in with your smile.

Why is Six Month Smiles so much faster?
By focusing only on the cosmetic straightening of the anterior teeth, treatment time is shaved to a fraction of metal braces or even aligners. Like the name implies, most people get the results they want in six months. This is perfect for adults that want to change the look of their smile in as little time as possible. The results are permanent – retainers are used to keep the teeth aligned and in place. It is a great investment into your appearance and oral health that can last a lifetime.

Would Six Month Smiles work for you?
The main preclusion for Six Month Smiles is that patients must be at least sixteen years of age to use this product. However, most adults can have excellent results using this treatment to straighten teeth. Since only the front teeth are adjusted, this will not change bite issues; it is important to remember that Six Month Smiles is a cosmetic alternative to traditional braces that are used to fix bite alignment with longer treatment times.

Can straightening teeth improve your oral health?
Straightening teeth with Six Month Smiles may be done for cosmetic reasons, but it is also good for your oral health. Crooked or crowded teeth can be difficult to clean, while gaps can attract food particles and bacteria. Straightening teeth can make them easier to brush and floss, preventing cavities and gum disease that can accompany many alignment issues. A healthy mouth helps promote fresh breath and can lower your risk for many serious health issues.

Why choose Pure Dental Health as your orthodontic provider?
If you think Six Month Smiles may be the solution you have been waiting for to improve you smile, come visit our team at Pure Dental Health. We are your local source near Dunwoody for excellent dental care in a calm, soothing environment. You will love our office in Buckhead; we have designed it to be welcoming and comfortable for our patients. You will notice the difference from the moment you pull up to our office – our valet parking is the first clue that this is no ordinary dentist office. Inside, we welcome you to enjoy a beverage and our internet bar before your appointment. There are many other little perks to make your visit comfortable but our best attribute is our experienced, compassionate dental team that will help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

When can you get started on your journey to a straighter smile?
There is no time like the present to begin your journey toward a more beautiful smile. With the help of Six Month Smiles and Pure Dental Health, your new smile could be only a few months away. Contact us today to set up your consultation to learn more about straightening your smile and all of our other dental options. Most dental insurance plans are accepted and payment arrangements are available.

Each dental patient is unique and actual treatment results may vary.

 These cases are examples of actual cosmetic cases completed by Dr. Justin Scott or other top cosmetic dentists and are shown for educational purposes.

Dr. Scott is a Six Month Smiles mentor.

This means that he has completed more Six Month Smiles cases than any other dentist in Georgia and teaches other dentists how to do this procedure more efficiently and effectively.

Even if you have been told you need 2 years of braces you may qualify for 6 month adult braces. Book your complementary consultation to find out if you are a candidate for straight teeth in just 6 months!

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Dr. Scott discusses the most common questions patients ask him about Six Month Smiles.