Get Straight Teeth in as little as 6 Months!

Sandy Springs Six Month Smiles

Would you like to have a new smile in six months? You can with the innovative cosmetic orthodontic treatment, Six Month Smiles. This dental procedure can fix gaps in your teeth, straighten crooked or overlapped teeth and transform your smile. Pure Dental Health is your local provider of this service near your home in Sandy Springs.

Why do adults want braces?
Many adults wish they could change the look of their smile. Many were not offered the option of braces in their teens or have teeth that have shifted as they grew older. However, these same adults cringe at the thought of wearing metal braces for two or more years. With Six Month Smiles, it is possible to make cosmetic changes to the alignment of your teeth discretely and quickly.

How do Six Month Smiles change your smile?
Like traditional braces, Six Month Smiles uses low force to shift teeth into a straight, even position. The difference is that only the teeth that are noticeable when you smile are treated. This shortens the time needed to straighten the teeth by over a year, an obvious benefit for busy adults. These braces are also very discrete; the brackets are clear and the wires are tooth-colored to make them almost invisible. It is an excellent way to transform a smile full of flaws into a healthy, beautiful grin in just a few months.

Is Six Month Smiles right for you?
You may be wondering if Six Month Smiles can work for you. The fact is, most adults can use this treatment to fix common cosmetic alignment issues. If you are over sixteen, you most likely are a candidate for this procedure and can benefit from fixing your crooked or gapped teeth in approximately six months.

Will it really make a difference in my appearance?
Your smile is a crucial part of your appearance. If you are self-conscious of your teeth, it could be stopping you from looking your best. A big, beautiful smile is inviting and attractive; smiling with closed lips or hiding your teeth behind your hand detracts from your appearance. Stop worrying about how your teeth look and get a permanent solution to fix your smile. Imagine having the smile you have always wanted in just six months from now. It is quick and affordable with a visit to Pure Dental Health.

How can you find out more about Six Month Smiles?
The process starts by scheduling a consultation and exam with one of our experienced, talented dentists at Pure Dental Health. If you are not a fan of going to the dentist, you will be in for a treat when you come to our office. We have made our office into a dental spa that is relaxing and comfortable, with plenty of amenities to enjoy during your visit. Our friendly staff will show you the way to our free internet and beverage station, while you enjoy the modern, soothing atmosphere. Expect to be treated as a welcomed guest during your consultation and receive excellent care every time you visit our office.

Why come to Pure Dental Health?
If you and our dentist decide Six Month Smiles is right for you, we will get you started on the road to your most beautiful smile. We will be here for you every step of the way, from helping you file claims to your insurance carrier to setting up follow up appointments during our extended office hours. We have in-house financing available for your convenience and make sure to ask about our new patient specials.

You can have a straight smile in less time than you ever imagined. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment and begin your journey to a straight smile. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for, with the dental experts you need. Pure Dental Health is right down the road from Sandy Springs in Buckhead.

Dr. Scott is a Six Month Smiles mentor.

This means that he has completed more Six Month Smiles cases than any other dentist in Georgia and teaches other dentists how to do this procedure more efficiently and effectively.

Even if you have been told you need 2 years of braces you may qualify for 6 month adult braces. Book your complementary consultation to find out if you are a candidate for straight teeth in just 6 months!

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Dr. Scott discusses the most common questions patients ask him about Six Month Smiles.