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Vinings Six Month Smiles ,

Vinings Six Month Smiles

Your perfect smile could be just a few months away. If you have minor imperfections such as gaps or crooked teeth that detract from the beauty of your smile, Six Month Smiles could be the right solution for you. This new approach to orthodontics allows you to cosmetically change the look of your exposed teeth to give you a straight, stunning smile. At Pure Dental Health, we offer Six Month Smiles to our patients in Vinings, Smyrna and the greater Atlanta area.

Why do many adults prefer Six Month Smiles?
Misaligned teeth change your smile and make it hard to maintain your oral hygiene. While traditional braces can remedy most orthodontic issues, they can take two years or more for results. Adults with professional positions or busy schedules want solutions that are discrete and fast to improve their smile and oral health. Six Month Smiles offers both quick and discrete benefits for those looking to enhance their smile.
Why is this system quicker than traditional braces?
Six Month Smiles works like traditional braces, but only on the front or anterior teeth that are exposed when you smile. Brackets and wires use low force to shift these noticeable teeth into the correct position. Since the system does not alter the bite alignment or back molars, the process is much quicker. Most adults have their new, straight smile in about six months, making it an excellent option for a wide variety of people.
Will you have metal on your smile?
Not only is Six Month Smiles fast, it is also discrete and almost invisible. Most adults are self-conscious about wearing braces and would prefer to have their cosmetic work done without metal in their mouth. This system does use brackets and wires like metal braces, but they are cleverly disguised. The brackets are clear and the wires are colored to match your teeth; they blend in to your smile and are barely noticeable during your treatment.
Who can use Six Month Smiles?
Most adults with minor alignment issues can benefit from Six Month Smiles. The main stipulation is that you must be at least sixteen years of age to use this system. Once the teeth are straightened, the results are permanent. A retainer is needed to keep the teeth in their new position; you can use a removable retainer or a permanent one can be adhered to your teeth.
Why should you choose Pure Dental Health as your dental provider?
Having a straight, healthy smile is important to your appearance. At Pure Dental Health, we can help you get your new smile with Six Month Smiles. Not only do we offer general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry at our office near Vinings and Smyrna, we have a different approach to dental care. We want our patients to associate coming to our office with a relaxing, calming experience. We have designed our office to be calming, using soothing colors and a modern style. In addition, we put our patients first and offer many perks you usually don’t find in a dentist office. Enjoy valet parking when you arrive and help yourself to a free beverage and our internet bar while you wait for your appointment. Our patients can relax under a cozy blanket and watch TV in our treatment rooms. It is all part of how we strive to make our office inviting to our patients to keep them coming back to us for all their dental health needs.
Where can you find Six Month Smiles near Smyrna?
If you are looking for an experienced, professional dental team that offers Six Month Smiles orthodontics near Vinings or Smyrna, come see us at Pure Dental Health in Buckhead. Dr. Justin Scott and our entire dental team are friendly, caring experts that can help you meet all your oral health goals. We accept most types of dental insurance; plus, we have an in-house payment option for those who don’t have adequate insurance coverage. Contact Pure Dental Health today to schedule your consultation and start your journey toward a new smile.

Dr. Scott is a Six Month Smiles mentor.

This means that he has completed more Six Month Smiles cases than any other dentist in Georgia and teaches other dentists how to do this procedure more efficiently and effectively.

Even if you have been told you need 2 years of braces you may qualify for 6 month adult braces. Book your complementary consultation to find out if you are a candidate for straight teeth in just 6 months!


Dr. Scott discusses the most common questions patients ask him about Six Month Smiles.

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