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Severe Tooth Discoloration:  Causes and Treatments ,

Aging and consuming certain types of foods and beverages can cause mild tooth discoloration that can typically be treated effectively utilizing a take-home whitening kit or with an in-office whitening procedure. However, if you have severe tooth discoloration due to tobacco stains, too much fluoride, genetic causes or tooth trauma, you may need to pursue other cosmetic dental solutions in order to achieve your desired results. This is because severe tooth discoloration that is caused by these factors is a lot harder to treat than simple stains on the teeth. However, don’t lose heart. With today’s advances in cosmetic dentistry, it is possible for virtually everyone to have a brighter and more confident smile. It just may take a little bit more work.

If you have one or a few teeth that are severely discolored, you may want to consider crowns. A crown is a covering that can be placed over the tooth to restore its strength and/or appearance. Crowns can be made of porcelain which can be closely matched to the color of the surrounding teeth for a more natural look.

If most or all of the teeth in your smile zone are severely discolored, you may want to consider porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are extremely thin shells that can be laminated to the front of the teeth in the front of your mouth to improve the appearance of your smile. Again, the porcelain can be closely matched to the color of your natural teeth for a more natural look.  In addition to treating severe tooth discoloration, porcelain veneers can be used to bring more balance to your smile if you have teeth that are too short, misaligned or otherwise unattractive.

If you have severe tooth discoloration on all or some of your teeth and want to achieve a more vibrant and youthful smile, talk to a qualified cosmetic dentist in your local area today. After a complete evaluation, your dentist can recommend the most appropriate cosmetic dental solution to help you reach your goals of a whiter, brighter, more beautiful smile.

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