Health News Article- Natural Ways to Fight Tooth Decay

Article Title: Go Natural to Fight Tooth Decay and Halitosis

Article Source: Dr Harold Katz on the Huffington Post 

Article Review:

Through this health news article, researchers review natural tooth care solutions.  From this article, we are able to understand why certain chemicals and additives could be more harmful than beneficial to overall dental health.

Researchers are looking for alternatives to chemical additives that are traditionally added to oral care products to help with halitosis and tooth decay.  Many oral care products can have harsh compounds, which do not provided added oral benefits.  Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) can be found in many toothpastes and mouthwashes, and is known for its ability to irritate the mouth.

So what should be used in these products to keep your mouth healthy and shining at its best?  Research has shown that the solution might lie with coconut oil.  Coconut oil can slow the growth of bacteria, and more studies are being conducted to evaluate its effectiveness towards combating cavities.  If the research continues along the same trajectory, then coconut might be a good natural additive to add too oral care products.

Pure Dental Health has additional dental health information for you to keep your smile at its best.  Make sure to brush your teeth regularly and floss too as part of your normal dental health routine.  In addition, visit our team of Pure Dental Health dentists at least twice a year to ensure that your teeth are in tip-top shape.  If you have any questions about your oral health, do not hesitate to contact the Pure Dental Health team!


Health News Article- Lowering Dementia Risk with a Toothbrush

Article Title: Brushing Your Teeth May Lower Dementia Risk (And 8 Other Reasons to Brush)

Article Source: Huffington Post article from September, 2013

Article Review:

Through this article about dental health, additional reasons are listed why you should brush your teeth.  Oral health not only affects your dental health, but it affects multiple areas of your general health.  The better care that you take of your teeth and mouth on a day-to-day basis, the more likely that you will experience the benefits towards your overall health.

In addition to keeping your oral health in tip-top shape, research shows that brushing your teeth can help with the following:

  • Preventing stroke
  • Preventing gum disease
  • Decrease the risk of pneumonia
  • Healthier babies throughout pregnancy
  • Warding away mindless eating after meals
  • Decrease the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease

There are a multitude of areas that oral health can affect the rest of the body, and by keeping oral health at its best, the rest of your health can follow.  Take the time to brush your teeth properly, floss daily, and visit your Pure Dental Health dentists at least twice per year.

If you have any questions about the connections between oral and general health, then do not hesitate to contact our Pure Dental Health team.  We will answer all of your questions about the best hygiene habits, and refer you to even more useful resources for oral health!



Health News Article- Holiday Advice

Article Title: Dentist Gives Advice to Keep Holiday Smiles Bright


Article Source:


Article Review:

Through this health news article, the Academy of General Dentistry gives advice about how to keep your teeth in the best shape during the holiday season.  During the holidays, more parties lead people to consume more sugary drinks and sweets than usual.  The spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry also noted that patients’ hectic schedules and stress levels can lead to oral hygiene suffering.


There are multiple ways to protect your teeth during the holiday season, which include:

  • Rinsing Your Teeth– red and white wines are very acidic and can eat away at tooth enamel.  Do not swish wine around in your mouth, and make sure to drink water in between glasses of wine to reduce the amount of acid from your teeth.
  • Watch Out For the Sweets- sugary foods can help cavity-causing bacteria to grow.  Chew sugar-free gum or drink water when you do not have a toothbrush and floss handy.
  • Stop Stressing- during the holidays, individuals tend to stress more causing them to clench and grind their teeth.  This can lead to jaw pain, headaches, and even chipped teeth.  Find ways to back away from stress and relax during the holiday season for both your general and oral health!


The Pure Dental Health team is here to ensure that your teeth stay at their healthiest, even during the holiday rush!  Learn more on how we can help by contacting our Atlanta office and following these health news tips!

Health News Article- Midnight Snacking and Tooth Loss

Article Title: Midnight Snacking, Eating After Dinner Linked to Tooth Loss

Article Source:

Article Review:

Through this health news article, researchers investigated the link between midnight snacking and tooth loss.  Researchers found that individuals who tend to snack more after dinner face more weight gain along with an increase in tooth decay and loss.

Researchers predict that because we do not have as much saliva at night, we cannot remove food debris as easily after late night snacking.  This in-turn leads to a greater chance for cavities to begin to form at night.

Pure Dental Health follows this research because we know the importance of maintaining oral health. The more research that we have about dental health, the more that we can maintain your dental health. We find ways to keep your teeth at their healthiest so that you can always have a beautiful and bright smile to show to the world.

If you are a late night snacker, then we can discuss some of your options when you come into our Pure Dental Health office.  We want to ensure that your teeth are protected, especially in the late night hours.

However, if tooth loss does occur, Pure Dental Health also offers a wide array of procedures to restore your smile’s beauty and functionality.  To learn more about ways to avoid tooth loss, do not hesitate to contact Pure Dental Health.  Also read the health news article listed above!

Health News Article- What Your Mouth Is Trying To Tell You

Article Title:  What your mouth is trying to tell you

Article Source:

Article Review:

Your mouth can say more about you than you ever thought possible.  In this health news article, researchers examine different parts of the mouth and what they can say about your overall health.  Some areas of the body that were taken into review included:

  • The Tongue- if the tongue’s color is pale, then you could have an issue with anemia or iron deficiency).  Iron helps produce energy and hemoglobin.
  • Your Saliva- if you are left with dry mouth, then you can experience more tooth decay, oral yeast infections, and gum disease.
  • Gums- if your gums are puffy, bright red in color, or with small abscesses, then you could be experiencing the first signs of gum disease.

All of these areas of the body are important to take note of so that you always have a pulse on the state of your oral health.  At Pure Dental Health, we always are looking for ways to help you maintain your smile’s health.  We want you to feel happy and confident with how your teeth look and feel, and also have the tools to learn more about your oral health.

To learn more about your oral and general health, do not hesitate to contact Pure Dental Health.  We are here to help you learn how to keep your smile at its best.  Learn more today!

Health News Article- Mercury

Article Title: How Safe Is Mercury In Your Mouth?

Article Source: Taken from Khou website, article removed

Article Review:

In this health news article, the topic of discussion is the safety of mercury or amalgam fillings on your health.  Since traditional amalgams are created from metal, there is the risk of mercury leaking from the metals and into the body.  The toxins from mercury can cause illness.

In this article, patients shared their experiences with mercury fillings, and compared those experiences with how they felt when the fillings were replaced with ceramic ones. Some stated that while they had amalgams, they felt sick and could taste metal when they were eating.

Mercury exposure is known to cause memory loss, mood swings, tremors, anxiety, and arthritis.  Because of the potential health risks that are associated with mercury, many dentists are recommending that patients have their fillings changed.

At Pure Dental Health, we offer porcelain fillings to our patients to alleviate the risk of mercury poisoning.  These all-white fillings blend in seamlessly with the color of your natural teeth, so you have cosmetic appeal with this option as well.  No one can tell that you have any fillings!

With Pure Dental Health, we are concerned about you and your overall health.  To learn more about how removing silver amalgams could be better for your health, read the article above and contact our team at Pure Dental Health.

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