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The Importance of Tooth Enamel ,
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Your teeth are composed of multiple and distinct layers. The outer layer is called enamel, which is what you see when you look in the mirror. Enamel is not only the most visible part of your tooth, it is also the strongest. In fact, your enamel is the hardest and most mineralized substance in your entire body. For this reason, it serves the protective role of guarding the inner layers of your tooth against acids, bacteria, plaque and other harmful substances that would otherwise threaten the health and livelihood of the tooth.

Unfortunately, tooth enamel can become weak, thin or damaged when it is not cared for properly. Since enamel cannot regenerate or repair itself on its own, it becomes critical that patients know how to keep their dental enamel in top condition.

Reasons Your Enamel Is Eroded or Damaged

There are many factors and habits that can compromise the condition of tooth enamel. Here are the most common culprits of enamel damage:

Sugary and Acidic Foods/Drinks
When these sugars and acids don’t get brushed or rinsed away, they cling to your teeth surfaces. When they combine with oral bacteria, lactic acid is produced, which erodes the enamel of your teeth over time.

Teeth Grinding
Bruxism is a common oral habit that can wreak havoc on your dental health. The constant pressure and forces of grinding your teeth (especially during the night) can wear down this outer layer of protection.

Aggressive Brushing
The “more the better” doesn’t apply when it comes to how hard you brush your teeth. Using a soft-bristled brush and gentle pressure is all your teeth need for a proper cleaning. Otherwise, your tooth brushing habits could be doing more harm than good as it wears down your enamel.

The enamel of your teeth can also suffer direct damage during a fall or direct blow to the mouth. A chip or crack in your tooth enamel needs to be repaired by a dentist.

Protecting Your Tooth Enamel

If you are concerned about the health of your tooth enamel, talk to one of our dentists at Pure Dental Health. There are a number of oral health products aimed to prevent the wear and tear of tooth enamel. Fluoride is an essential ingredient in your toothpaste, as this natural mineral has been proven to strengthen enamel. If your enamel has already eroded or suffered damage, we also have ways to repair it so that your tooth is not vulnerable to future problems. Schedule your dental visit today.

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