Vinings CEREC Same Day Crowns

Pure Dental Health is your local source for same day dental crowns in the Vinings, Smyrna area. Our dentist, Dr. Justin Scott, has invested in CEREC technology to give our patients access to quicker tooth repairs and crown placement. No more waiting a week or longer to get a new crown on your tooth – we can design, make and set your dental crown in one visit.

Dental crowns are a staple in repairing and protecting teeth. When a tooth is damaged due to trauma or decay, it can be too weak to withstand pressure. Dental crowns cover the tooth and protect it from further damage. Beyond tooth repairs, crowns are also used in creating dental bridges to replace missing teeth. Cosmetic dental crowns can change the look of your smile, hiding chips, discolorations and other dental flaws.

The problem with traditional dental crowns is that they are time-consuming for dentist offices and patients. The process can be tedious. First, the tooth needs to be prepared for the cap, removing enough tooth to make space for the crown. Then, a mold must be taken of the patient’s teeth to create the crown. This can be especially unpleasant for the patient as they bite down on a soft silicone substance while it hardens into place. Next, a temporary crown must be put on the exposed tooth while the mold is sent off to a dental lab. A week or so later, the patient can return to finally have the crown bonded into place.

Quicker Dental Crowns with CEREC

With CEREC, this long process is shortened to one visit at our office. This saves us time and more importantly, it will be less time-consuming and more comfortable for you as the patient. Your tooth will still need to be prepared for the crown, but we will not need to make a manual impression of your tooth. Instead, we use CEREC digital technology to scan your tooth to create a 3D image to create your new crown. The CEREC milling equipment is located on-site and will make your dental crown in about one hour in a shade that matches your tooth color.

After the crown is milled, we place it for fit and make any adjustments necessary. Once the crown matches your bite, our dentist will bond it to your tooth for a permanent crown. The outside will be polished and you can leave our office with a beautiful, natural-appearing tooth that will last for years.

CEREC crowns are not only more convenient then lab-created crowns, they offer equal or better aesthetic results and durability. You will not be trading quality for convenience; you will get both with a CEREC crown from Pure Dental Health. These ceramic crowns come in various shades to match your teeth, contain no metal and offer a solid surface that can withstand pressure during years of use.

Crown Placement in Comfort

While providing the best dental care in the Atlanta area is our main objective at Pure Dental Health, a close second is making our patients feel comfortable during their visits. When you come to us for a same day dental crown or any other procedure, expect to be treated like a VIP. Valet parking is available during certain hours of the day for your convenience. When you arrive, enjoy a beverage or use the internet bar. Once you are in a treatment room, relax with a pillow, blanket, flat screen TV and noise-canceling headphones. We want you to feel at home while we take care of your beautiful smile.

Vinings and Smyrna residents have a local source for same day dental crowns. Contact our office today to make your appointment with Pure Dental Health in Buckhead.