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When a tooth is infected or has internal damage, a root canal procedure can be the only way to save the tooth from extraction and stop the pain. At Pure Dental Health, we have an endodontist on staff that specializes in internal tooth repairs. Root canal therapy can remove damaged, infected or decayed material from inside the tooth, stopping the demise of the tooth. We offer effective root canals in a comfortable atmosphere near Vinings and Smyrna in Buckhead, Ga.

When does a tooth need a root canal?
Most often, a tooth needs a root canal when the inside of the tooth is infected or severely decayed. Trauma or damage to a tooth can also compromise the interior of the tooth, resulting in the need for root canal therapy. Whenever the tooth’s exterior wall has been damaged to allow decay or bacteria inside the inner chamber, a root canal may be needed to stop further damage to the tooth.

What happens during a root canal procedure?
Root canal therapy is named for the part of the tooth that is treated – the inner canal that holds the nerve root. During this procedure, the canal is accessed and the infected or decayed pulp is removed, also referred to as the nerve root. Essentially, the interior of the tooth is cleared and cleaned, then repacked with a sterile substance before it is sealed and covered with a dental crown.

Can I choose not to have a root canal?
You can always choose not to have a dental procedure performed. However, most people who need a root canal also have pain from the damage to the tooth. Inflammation and infection can cause pressure on the nerve. Root canals stop the pain. If you choose not to have a root canal when there is infection, you will likely lose the tooth and you could be at risk for other health problems if the infection spreads.

Root canals are painful, right?
The pain associated with root canals is from the infection and decay that is removed, not from the procedure. Root canal therapy stops the pain by removing the nerve root that is impacted from inflammation and pressure. The procedure is not painful when you come to Pure Dental Health. We make sure your tooth is numb and you are comfortable before and during the treatment. If you need additional help relaxing, we offer sedation dentistry options. Your tooth will be slightly tender or sensitive while it heals, but nothing compared to the pain of an infected tooth.

Will I need more than one visit for my root canal procedure?
In most cases, the root canal can be done in one office visit. However, the dental crown placement that is needed to protect the tooth may require another visit. In rare instances, a root canal could take more than one visit to our office, if there are complications. Our dentist will discuss all the possible scenarios before your procedure and let you know what to expect for your tooth repair.

What services does Pure Dental Health offer?
At Pure Dental Health, we are a full-service dental provider. We offer general dentistry along with endodontic procedures like root canals. In addition, we provide cosmetic, sedation and restorative dentistry services for our patients, as well as orthodontics. We strive to care for all our patients’ dental needs in one location, rarely needing to refer our patients to another dental office.

If you have a painful or infected tooth, contact Pure Dental Health to schedule your consultation. We invite patients from Vinings, Smyrna and all throughout the greater Atlanta area. We offer gentle root canals to save your tooth and stop the pain, all in our comfortable office in Buckhead.

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