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COVID-19 Update

Pure Dental Health is dedicated to helping our community during this time. We are seeing patients for emergencies BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call our office to schedule your appointment.

We’ve made a decision based on ADA and CDC recommendations to postpone elective procedures for at least one week, however, we are still seeing patients depending on your need.

According to the association, emergency dental care include:

  • Any treatment for pain, swelling or infection
  • Chipped, cracked and broken teeth
  • Loose or displaced restorations

Refrain from coming in if you have:

  • A fever
  • A cough or shortness of breath
  • A history of significant chronic illness
  • A compromised immune system
  • Or if you or a family member:
    • Are considered high-risk
    • Have traveled to a location with a level 3 travel health notice
    • Have traveled in a airplane in the past two weeks
    • Have been previously asked to self-isolate or self-quarantine
    • Have had close contact to an individual diagnosed with the COVID-19 infection

We are also scheduling virtual exams. You can meet with a dentist from your home. This service will allow you to have a virtual exam with your dentist via video call. This service should be available by 3/20/20. When calling, notify our scheduler if you would like to schedule a virtual appointment and they will take your name and number and get back with you with available times once this service is live.

We will be posting updates as we have them.

Want Whiter Teeth? ,
Cosmetic Dentist Atlanta GA

When it comes to the appearance of your smile, most patients agree “the whiter the better.” Unfortunately, there are many things that can challenge a bright smile, especially for adults. If you are bothered by yellow, dull or stained teeth, you’ll be relieved that there is an affordable and easy fix. Teeth whitening can reverse unsightly staining and give you a beautiful, younger-looking smile.

Reasons Your Teeth Discolor or Yellow

It is not uncommon for patients to complain of yellow teeth. While the outer enamel of your teeth is naturally white in color, there are several factors that can cause your teeth to darken or yellow over time. In fact, some of them may not be within your control! Here are top reasons why your teeth look more yellow than white:

Age: Did you know that the natural aging process can make your smile look yellow? As we age, our enamel gradually thins. This causes the yellow dentin layer underneath to be more visible.

Genetics: You may have inherited your yellow teeth. Some people have naturally thicker or thinner enamel, which impacts how much that yellow dentin layer shows through.

Illness: Certain diseases (or their treatments) can impact the color of your teeth, which is most likely due to changes in your teeth enamel.

Tobacco Use: Smoking and chewing tobacco are a surefire way to a yellow smile, especially if you’ve kept the habit for several years.

Foods & Beverages: The most common reasons why your teeth can’t keep their white is because you are putting dark-colored foods and drinks in your mouth. Red wine, coffee, teas, and even certain fruits and vegetables can discolor teeth.

Excessive Fluoride: Though less common, prolonged childhood exposure to excessive fluoride can contribute to dental discoloration.

Trauma: In some cases, a severe injury to a tooth will cause darkening or discoloration.

Understand Your Teeth Whitening Options

Whitening your teeth can be done at home using over-the-counter whitening kits or with your dentist using professional-grade treatments. If you opt for DIY whitening, you should know that you are taking a risk in terms of results and comfort. Whitening kits and strips that you buy at your drugstore may require multiple treatments to attain noticeable results. Since they aren’t customized to your smile and overseen by a dentist, your OTC whitening efforts may lead to sensitivity and worsening oral health problems for certain patients.

Take-Home Whitening Trays can be the perfect compromise for patients who want professional-grade results within the comfort of their own home and schedule. At Pure Dental Health, we offer whitening trays that are self-formed, which means they fit every crevice of your unique smile without the need for gooey impressions. Our HD whitening products are the perfect balance of whitening strength without causing too much sensitivity.

Can You Get FREE Teeth Whitening for Life?

To keep our patients smiling bright, we proudly offer FREE whitening gel along with your regular cleanings. We will continue to give you free whitening gel for LIFE (conditions apply) as long as you stay consistent with your prescribed cleaning schedule. To learn more, call Pure Dental Health today!

Posted on behalf of Pure Dental Health

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