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What is Your Tooth Sensitivity Trying to Tell You About Your Dental Health? ,

Tooth sensitivity is a common problem faced by many people everyday.  You may feel that zing when you drink your coffee in the morning or enjoy your ice cream in the afternoon.  Maybe brushing and flossing is a little bit painful.  So what does this mean in terms of your dental health?

Tooth sensitivity is caused when the tooth’s dentin loses its protective covering.  This can cause hypersensitivity and occasional discomfort when you chew, drink cold or hot liquids or breath through your mouth.  Some of the most common causes of tooth sensitivity include tooth decay, a cracked tooth and tooth roots that are exposed as a result of overly aggressive tooth brushing, gum recession and periodontal disease.

So how can you prevent tooth sensitivity?  The best way is to practice good daily oral hygiene including brushing your teeth thoroughly (but not too aggressively) at least two times per day and flossing your teeth thoroughly at least one time per day.

If you have tooth sensitivity, you may also try desensitizing toothpastes.  If this does not ease your sensitivity,  your dentist may recommend an in-office procedure where a fluoride gel or special desensitizing agent is applied to the affected teeth.  Finally, if your gum tissue has been lost, exposing the root, your dentist may recommend a surgical gum graft to cover the root and reduce the sensitivity.

If you are experiencing severe and persistent tooth sensitivity, it may being trying to tell you something important about your overall dental health.  If so, schedule an appointment with your dentist so he or she can diagnose the source of the problem and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

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