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Whiter Teeth Equal A More Attractive Smile ,

There is no doubt that whiter teeth make for a more attractive smile.  However, our teeth naturally become more dull and yellowed with age.  There are also certain foods and beverages out there that can actually stain your teeth and cause them to become discolored, even if you are young.  Some of the biggest culprits include the following:

  • Tea
  • Sauces (Tomato, Soy, Curry)
  • Sports Drinks
  • Wine
  • Berries
  • Soda and Other Carbonated Drinks, and
  • Candy.

Some of these foods and beverages such as soda and candy should only be consumed in moderation, for other health reasons as well as your oral health.  However, other foods such as berries have important antioxidants that are vital to your overall health. If you drink beverages such as tea, wine and sports drinks, drinking through a straw will help to minimize the contact of the substances with your teeth.  It is also a good idea to rinse your mouth with water and then follow by brushing your teeth after you have consumed any of these types of foods and beverages.  The longer the substances stay in contact with your teeth, the greater the chances that they will cause stains.  Brushing and flossing your teeth daily and visiting your dentist for routine dental cleanings and exams can also help to minimize the negative effects of theses foods and beverages on your teeth.

Even if you eat these foods and beverages in moderation and maintain good daily oral hygiene habits, you may still desire whiter teeth.  Whiter teeth result in a brighter, more beautiful smile and can serve to take years off of your appearance.  Fortunately, Pure Dental Health offers a Whitening For Life program to help our patients achieve and maintain whiter teeth and more beautiful, confident smiles.  If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth due to stains and discoloration, call Pure Dental Health today to get more information about this program and the other dental services we offer.

Posted on behalf of Pure Dental Health

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