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Let’s Remove Those Wisdom Teeth the Smart, Painless Way

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Dunwoody Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do you have pain or discomfort associated with your wisdom teeth? You are not alone. Millions of people each year have their wisdom teeth removed due to complications that occur when they do emerge. If you live in Dunwoody, wisdom teeth removal professionals are just down the road at Pure Dental Health. Our experienced, caring dental team can help relieve your wisdom tooth issues through gentle removal.

What are wisdom teeth?
Wisdom teeth, aptly named for their arrival at adulthood, are not always a welcomed event. Maturing and emerging in the late teens or early twenties, there is often very little room for these third and final set of molars. Unfortunately, these teeth tend to continue to push through, even when they encounter other teeth or bone. This can lead to teeth being pushed out of alignment and impacted wisdom teeth that need to be removed.
What are the different types of impacted teeth?
Some people receive their wisdom teeth without notice. Their jaws have adequate room for these last molars and the teeth come in straight and inline. However, this is not the case for many others. Impacted wisdom teeth can arrive in a variety of ways. The majority of impacted wisdom teeth are angled toward the front of the mouth, referred to as mesioangular impaction. Other classifications are vertical impaction, where the tooth does not reach the gum line; horizontal impaction, where the tooth comes in sideways at a 90-degree angle; and distoangular impaction, where the tooth is angled toward the back of the mouth.
Do impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed?
When wisdom teeth are impacted, it is almost always in the best interest of the patient to have them removed. They can cause cysts, infection, gum inflammation, sinus problems and other painful issues. If they push against existing teeth, they can cause alignment issues or damage to other dental work, causing more need for dental treatments. The best option is to monitor their growth with regular visits to the dentist. At the first sign of problems, your dentist will discuss the option of wisdom teeth removal to protect your health.
Can extraction prevent further issues from wisdom teeth?
If your wisdom teeth are causing pain or have become impacted, having them removed is usually the best option. This can prevent further issues that can affect your smile and oral health. Proactively removing your wisdom teeth can save you money off further dental work and expensive orthodontic repairs.
What makes Pure Dental Health unique?
At Pure Dental Health, we offer a relaxed, calm atmosphere with experienced dental professionals to aid in the removal of your wisdom teeth. We are not like every other dentist in the Dunwoody area; we take pride in creating different dental experience for our patients. Not only do we provide the best in dental care, we also make our patients feel comfortable and pampered. We provide valet parking, free beverages, internet, flat screen TVs and many other perks for our patients. We believe a happy and comfortable patient will be more relaxed during their dental treatments, ensuring they won’t have anxiety about returning for their next appointment.
Is sedation available for wisdom teeth removal?
Another reason to choose Pure Dental Health for your wisdom tooth extraction is our sedation dentistry options. We offer both oral and IV sedation for those who want extra help relaxing during their procedure. You can sleep through the procedure or have conscious sedation that keeps you awake but in a deeply relaxed state of mind.

Contact Pure Dental Health today to schedule your exam; ask whether your dental insurance provider is one of the many that we accept. We have convenient scheduling with extended hours and payment options for those without adequate dental insurance coverage. Let us help you avoid any further issues from your wisdom teeth by calling today.

Why Choose Pure Dental?

Simply put, we know what you’re going through, and we want to help!

  • Our doctors have extensive education and experience in wisdom teeth extraction and recovery.
  • We offer the latest in sedation therapy.
  • We provide a treatment plan consistent with your personal dental health.
  • Our doctors and dental care team have been recognized for providing exceptional patient care and communication before, during and after treatment. We believe that in addition to good service, patients have a good understanding of the options, recovery, and care.

You can trust Pure Dental for superior, patient-centered care.

Contact Pure Dental Health TODAY to schedule your exam through our online scheduling form or call us at (404) 343-2855. We are ready to help!

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