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Let’s Remove Those Wisdom Teeth the Smart, Painless Way

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Vinings Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are your wisdom teeth giving you trouble? You are not alone. Every year millions of adults and teens have their wisdom teeth removed due to issues caused by these final molars. The good news is removal of your wisdom teeth does not need to be stressful. At Pure Dental Health, our caring dental team offers gentle wisdom teeth removal in a relaxing atmosphere in our office near Vinings and Smyrna.

Do you need to have your wisdom teeth removed?
Let’s face it. No one wants to undergo any type of tooth extraction. In fact, our team at Pure Dental Health usually does everything in our power to avoid removing teeth. However, wisdom teeth are the one exception to the rule. In many cases, this third and last set of molars have nowhere to go when they arrive in the late teens or early twenties. This can lead to impaction in the gums; they either grow toward other teeth, out the front or back of the gum or don’t come through the gum at all. When this happens, it can cause a host of other problems in your mouth and removal of these problem molars is the best solution.
What problems can wisdom teeth cause?
Problem wisdom teeth can start a cascade of issues. The pressure from these last molars coming into the mouth can shift other teeth out of alignment. If not prevented, many patients face expensive orthodontic treatments to fix their crooked smiles. Other serious and often painful events can also occur. Cysts can form around the roots of the wisdom teeth, causing bone loss and possible infection. Sinus issues can be made worse and gums can become inflamed. With all these possible negative effects, it is no wonder that wisdom teeth removal had become commonplace to prevent oral health issues.
Is wisdom tooth extraction oral surgery?
Removing wisdom teeth is a form of oral surgery, but that shouldn’t concern you. Tooth extraction is a routine procedure that usually is quick without any complications. Our team at Pure Dental Health is experienced in this procedure and we make it as comfortable and stress-free as possible for our patients. We offer sedation options, from complete IV sedation to oral medications and nitrous oxide. For those with dental anxiety, these sedation solutions make sure they are completely relaxed and often unaware as the extraction is performed.
What makes Pure Dental Health different?
While there are many dental practices in the Vinings and Smyrna area, you will not find many like ours. Not only are our dentists highly experienced and compassionate, our approach to dental care is different. We have taken extra care to ensure our patients are put at ease when they visit our office. All of our staff are dedicated to providing excellent service, from a calming chairside manner to helping you file your claims to your insurance. In addition, we have added many perks and amenities to make you feel at home. When was the last time you were offered valet parking when you went to the dentist or had access to a complimentary internet bar? We have both, along with free beverages, blankets, flat screen TVs and even noise cancelling headphones to wear during your treatments. We want you to be relaxed and calm when you come in for your dental treatments to make them as enjoyable as possible.
Are your wisdom teeth causing you pain?
If you have been concerned about your wisdom teeth or they are already causing you pain, please contact Pure Dental Health in Buckhead today for an appointment. Our dentist can examine your teeth and make recommendations regarding removal. Ask our friendly reception staff about the insurance carriers we accept – most likely we take your plan. We also have in-house financing for those without insurance or limited coverage.

Why Choose Pure Dental?

Simply put, we know what you’re going through, and we want to help!

  • Our doctors have extensive education and experience in wisdom teeth extraction and recovery.
  • We offer the latest in sedation therapy.
  • We provide a treatment plan consistent with your personal dental health.
  • Our doctors and dental care team have been recognized for providing exceptional patient care and communication before, during and after treatment. We believe that in addition to good service, patients have a good understanding of the options, recovery, and care.

You can trust Pure Dental for superior, patient-centered care.

Contact Pure Dental Health TODAY to schedule your exam through our online scheduling form or call us at (404) 842-7200. We are ready to help!

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