Oral Cancer: Your Dentist Can Save Your Life

Atlanta GA Dentist Office in BuckheadApproximately 50,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer by 2017’s end. Oral cancer has a very high death rate of 43% at five years from diagnosis, making it an incredibly dangerous form of cancer. One of the scariest causes of the high death rate of oral cancer is that many people with the disease do not realize that they have signs or symptoms of oral cancer until it is the later stages.

As with all diseases and forms of cancer, knowing the signs and symptoms of oral cancer can save your life. Oral cancer screenings help dentists detect oral cancer as early as possible in order to catch the disease before it is too late. Early detection of oral cancer expedites early and aggressive treatment and can lead to better endings and survival rates. At Pure Dental Health, Dr. Scott leads our practice with excellence in dentistry services, including oral cancer screening. Dr. Scott understands how aggressive this disease can be, and he has the experience and ability to spot the earliest warning signs of oral cancer. Continue reading “Oral Cancer: Your Dentist Can Save Your Life”