Straight Talk for Your Crooked Teeth

Woman Smiling and Pointing to Her New Braces Atlanta GAAre you an adult who needs braces? Do you assume that your orthodontic issues are purely a cosmetic concern? Not so fast. If you are avoiding orthodontic treatment as an adult, you may also be neglecting your oral health. Crooked teeth and malocclusion pose serious threats to the health of your teeth and gums over time. Sure, a pretty smile is a major reward of undergoing orthodontic correction, but you could also be saving yourself from costly dental problems down the road.

Did you know that you can reduce your risk of periodontal disease by caring for your crooked teeth? Malocclusion refers to teeth that are not aligned properly in your mouth. Left untreated, malocclusion can lead to periodontal disease, which can create abnormal amounts of stress on your teeth and jaw. This condition leads to premature wear.

Here are some common orthodontic issues and what they can do to your dental health:

Crowding: When teeth are too closely aligned, or overlapping, there’s an increased chance for bacteria and plaque buildup. This can lead to decay, gum disease and eventual tooth loss.

Gaps/Spacing: How can a gap between your teeth be a cause for concern towards your smile health? You may have frequent episodes of food getting lodged between your teeth. This puts you at risk for sore or tender gums and other periodontal issues. In certain places, teeth gaps can also impact your ability to chew and speak.

Deep Bite: Over-erupted or protruding lower front teeth can damage the palate as well as cause the premature wear and chipping of those lower teeth.

Crossbite, Open Bite and Overjet– Again, when the teeth don’t bite down on each other the way they should, it can result in the fracture of teeth due to the excessive forces. In addition, abfraction can develop, which is a small notch in your tooth at the gum line. Periodontal disease, gum recession as well as tooth and bone loss can also become a concern in severe cases.

As proven above, straight teeth are not just attractive teeth. When the teeth are correctly aligned in the mouth, it supports your overall oral health. Untreated malocclusion makes it difficult to keep your teeth clean and can put pressures on your teeth and jaw that they are not intended to withstand. From TMJ problems to serious gum disease, there are notable factors to consider if you’ve been told you need orthodontics as an adult.

Don’t worry; Pure Dental Health offers some of the most advanced and preferred orthodontic treatments available, including Invisalign, Six Month Smiles and Adult Braces. Call now to schedule your consultation in Buckhead or Dunwoody!

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The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

If you have lost a tooth in the back of your mouth and the space does not show when you smile, you may not think it is very important to replace the lost tooth.  After all, no is going to notice right?  Why go through the expense and the hassle of tooth replacement?  What is the harm in just leaving it alone?  The answer is that failure to replace missing teeth can negatively affect your long-term dental health and the health of your remaining teeth.

First of all, when a tooth lost, it obviously leaves a space in the mouth.  This can cause the other teeth to shift to fill the space, therefore getting your teeth out of alignment. If you have spent the time and money to achieve straighter teeth with braces, failure to replace a tooth can leave you at risk for orthodontic relapse.  Even if you have not had braces, shifting teeth can negatively affect both the form and function of your smile.

Secondly, the space in your mouth that is left from the missing tooth can create a trap for food, bacteria and other debris.  This can leave you more at risk for developing periodontal disease: the number one cause of tooth loss in people over the age of thirty-five.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, a missing tooth can lead to bone loss.  When a tooth is lost, the lack of stimulation causes loss of aveolar bone.  In fact, there is an approximate 25% decrease in the width of aveolar bone in the first year after a tooth is lost.  This is why it is important to replace a missing tooth immediately and not to put it off.  Once bone is lost, it can make dentures harder to wear and make it harder to place dental implants or other types of restorations.

Now that you know how important it is to replace missing teeth, even if they are in the back of your mouth, you must decide which tooth replacement option is right for you.  Don’t risk your long-term dental health by putting off needed treatment.  Pure Dental Health in Atlanta offers a variety of effective tooth replacement options including Dentca dentures, bridges, partial dentures and dental implants.  If you are currently missing a tooth or multiple teeth, schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott today to see which tooth replacement option best suits your specific circumstances as well as your budget and your lifestyle.

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Invisalign versus Braces

Transforming Your Smile

You have thought about braces since you were in junior high school.  You would always see other classmates leave class early to head to the orthodontist, and on the next day, new, brightly colored rubber bands would adorn their teeth.

Throughout high school, you would see the same people have their braces removed, which gave way to beautifully straight smiles.

But you never had braces, even though your teeth could have benefitted from them, and now you cannot imagine having them as an adult.  “Braces just wouldn’t fit into the corporate work setting,” you think to yourself.

Pure Dental Health is here to help.  You do not have to settle for a smile that isn’t as straight as you have always wanted.  With Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing, and achieve dramatic results!  For more information about Invisalign, keep reading our Pure Dental Health blog!

The Battle: Invisalign versus Braces

While traditional braces might have been common over a decade ago, there is a new wave of dental technology that is making a big impact in the world of dentistry.  Invisalign offers the ability to straighten teeth without wires, metal, or brackets.

Our Pure Dental Health dentists create a detailed plan that charts out how your teeth will shift with clear, Invisalign aligners.  Every two weeks, you replace one clear aligner for another so that your teeth move further along in the process.  We will check on your progress every 4 weeks to make sure that you are on the right track.

These clear aligners blend in with your teeth, so you do not have to feel self-conscious about your smile.  Invisalign aligners are only removed when you eat, drink, and brush your teeth.  This means that you can eat anything that you desire, unlike traditional braces, which have strict regulations.  You can chew on carrot sticks, gobble down some caramel candies, and chomp down on an apple.

With Invisalign, you also do not have to worry about learning a new dental hygiene routine either.  Since you just remove the clear aligners to brush your teeth, you can floss and brush your teeth normally.  With traditional braces, you usually have to learn a completely new routine to ensure that you can reach all of the areas that are blocked by brackets.

So in the battle of braces versus Invisalign, there really is no competition.  Invisalign wins on all counts—ease of use, comfort, aesthetics, and dental health.

Are You Considering Invisalign?

If you think that Invisalign might be the right way for you to straighten your teeth, look no further than the dentists at Pure Dental Health.  These dentists will ensure that you are on the right course of Invisalign treatment so you can look and smile at your best.

All of your questions will be answered during an initial consultation with Pure Dental Health, including those about the cost of Invisalign, the length of treatment time for you, and if Invisalign is a good fit for you.

Learn about how you can transform your smile easily and inconspicuously!   Call the Pure Dental Health team today!