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Detecting Cavities Early ,

Detecting Cavities Early

Prevention is key in just about every area of life. If you have the means to prevent something bad, dangerous, or devastating you should take the time to do it. Dental health care is no different! There are many simple things that can be done to ensure that your oral health care is as effective…

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Dental Erosion

Dental erosion is one of the most common causes of cavities and tooth loss.  It occurs when the enamel (the protective layers on the outside of the teeth) is destroyed, exposing the underlying dentin.  When this occurs, your teeth are left vulnerable to sensitivity and decay. There are a variety of different foods and beverages…

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Health News Article- Natural Ways to Fight Tooth Decay

Article Title: Go Natural to Fight Tooth Decay and Halitosis Article Source: Dr Harold Katz on the Huffington Post  Article Review: Through this health news article, researchers review natural tooth care solutions.  From this article, we are able to understand why certain chemicals and additives could be more harmful than beneficial to overall dental health.…

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Health News Article- Midnight Snacking and Tooth Loss

Article Title: Midnight Snacking, Eating After Dinner Linked to Tooth Loss Article Source: Article Review: Through this health news article, researchers investigated the link between midnight snacking and tooth loss.  Researchers found that individuals who tend to snack more after dinner face more weight gain along with an increase in tooth decay and loss.…

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Health News Article

Article Title: Use of Lasers by Cosmetic Dentists Article Source: Article Review: You might have heard about lasers in dentistry, but wondered how lasers could be beneficial for your dental health.  In this article, the basic concepts of laser dentistry are discussed. Laser dentistry can offer multiple benefits over traditional dental procedures. One of…

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