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How Does Brushing Your Teeth Protect Your Heart? ,

How Does Brushing Your Teeth Protect Your Heart?

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In honor of Valentine’s Day this month, let’s talk about the link between your teeth and your heart. Heart disease is a very prevalent and very serious condition. You may be familiar with ways to ward off heart disease, such as more exercise and less salty/fatty foods. But did you know that you are also…

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No Dental Insurance? No Problem.

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Nearly 23% of the American population has no dental insurance coverage, according to a recent article in USA Today. Are you avoiding dental care because you lack dental insurance? In many cases, people without dental coverage wait for something to go wrong before they see a dentist. This is can be a costly and very…

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Oral Cancer: Your Dentist Can Save Your Life

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Approximately 50,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer by 2017’s end. Oral cancer has a very high death rate of 43% at five years from diagnosis, making it an incredibly dangerous form of cancer. One of the scariest causes of the high death rate of oral cancer is that many people with the disease…

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Acid Erosion

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Acid: noun A chemical substance that neutralizes alkalis, dissolves some metals, and turns litmus red; typically, a corrosive or sour-tasting liquid. If acids can eat through metal, imagine what they can do to your teeth. Despite how many people treat their teeth, the teeth are not invincible. Yes, they are made up of the hardest…

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What is a Dead Tooth?

Many people are surprised that they can have a dead tooth within their mouth because they often do not understand how their teeth are alive in the first place. Teeth are made up of three different layers – the pulp, the dentin, and the enamel. While the enamel is the white layer that is revealed…

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Flossing is Not an Option

If you want a trim, healthy body then you know that a clean diet and exercise are not options but necessary actions. You also need to know that if you value your teeth and want the most beautiful smile possible – flossing is not an option. Flossing has long been one of the most hated…

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How Old is Your Toothbrush?

Here’s a simple question for you: How old is your toothbrush? If you are stumbling around at answering this question or you will admit that you simply do not know, then it’s a pretty good assumption to make that it’s too old for you to be using! Your toothbrush was designed to be a tool…

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Detecting Cavities Early

Prevention is key in just about every area of life. If you have the means to prevent something bad, dangerous, or devastating you should take the time to do it. Dental health care is no different! There are many simple things that can be done to ensure that your oral health care is as effective…

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Conquering Your Excuses for Flossing Your Teeth

Do you floss your teeth everyday?  If not, 2015 is the time to start this very healthy habit.  You may not realize it, but dentists agree that flossing your teeth everyday is just as important as brushing.  This is because dental floss can remove food particles from between the teeth that are not accessible with…

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This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful for Your Dental Health

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we give thanks for all of our blessings.  This can include family, friends, wealth and even our health.  If you are blessed enough to have good oral health, you probably have not spent enough time thinking about this particular blessing.  However, when our dental health goes south and…

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