Is Mouthwash Necessary?

When you think of your at-home oral health care routine, you may believe that brushing your teeth twice a day is good enough. Yet, when you stroll through the dental health aisle at the drug store you are reminded that you should be flossing – and what about mouthwash? There are many varieties out there … Continue reading "Is Mouthwash Necessary?"

Restorative Dentistry

Your smile was meant to last you a lifetime, yet that does not always work out for everyone. Each year in the United States, millions of American face issues that compromise their oral health. Restorative dentistry provides treatment options to restore the health, function, and appearance of teeth that have been damaged due to decay, … Continue reading "Restorative Dentistry"

Cavity Prevention

When it comes to cavity prevention the best person for the job is you. Choices you make on a daily basis are essential to keeping your mouth healthy and cavity free. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Doing simple actions routinely will help to ensure that … Continue reading "Cavity Prevention"

Your Child’s 1st Dental Appointment

It is imperative for parents to understand how important it is to take their children to the dentist from a very young age. Approximately 1 out of every 3 children will develop a cavity before they begin losing their baby teeth. It is a parent’s complete responsibility to care for their young children’s teeth, and … Continue reading "Your Child’s 1st Dental Appointment"

Flossing is Not an Option

If you want a trim, healthy body then you know that a clean diet and exercise are not options but necessary actions. You also need to know that if you value your teeth and want the most beautiful smile possible – flossing is not an option. Flossing has long been one of the most hated … Continue reading "Flossing is Not an Option"

How Old is Your Toothbrush?

Here’s a simple question for you: How old is your toothbrush? If you are stumbling around at answering this question or you will admit that you simply do not know, then it’s a pretty good assumption to make that it’s too old for you to be using! Your toothbrush was designed to be a tool … Continue reading "How Old is Your Toothbrush?"